Teen vitamins!

Today, despite sickness and temporary hail, me and Georgia went on a thrifting adventure! We had plans to head to an amazing opshop in Linwood (for the protection of cats!) but I arrived late and with a head cold so we headed to our wonderful favourite instead.

Georgia is incapable of keeping her eyes open due to loss of sunglasses.
Dress - eBay (note from Georgia- do not engage in a bidding war with me because I will win even if it involves a whole week's paycheck)
Cardigan - Zara
Satchel - stolen from the costume cupboard
Shoes - Chinatown in Sydney

Coat - Melbourne markets
Dress - Two Squirrels vintage
Boots - amazing little thrift store on Colombo St that closed down!

I got this wonderful Stevie Nicks-esque top and I ADORE it. I feel like a goddess wearing it!

I didn't buy this! It was wonderful fabric but such a funny cut.

Georgia can't stop buying 80s-does-the-40s dresses.
Sorry for such blurry pictures. My expensive camera sometimes just hates me.


  1. You both look impeccable with your grey marle and floral! Georgiaaaa you went to *will not disclaim the name of coveted op shop* without meeeee. Although it has never been fruitful for me, one of these days.

  2. Rachael desperate times call for desperate measures. Tomorrow I've got a gap from 10 til 1 and I'm gonna head to a little opshop I forgot about which is on the orbiter route from uni. Keen to come??

  3. Unfortunately I have lectures at 10 and 12, but we have an abundance of time to procrastinate.

  4. The dress you're originally wearing and the coat are uh may zing.

  5. Aw you guys are totally cute.

    And I know which op shop you are in! Can't wait to explore it when next in Christchurch!


  6. It's our favourite haunt! When are you next in Christchuch?

  7. I looovvve the coat! Such a great length :) these pictures are getting me pumped to go thrifting tomorrow...hopefully I find some good stuff :)



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