As a child and preteen, I, like most other girls my age, had a very strong love for Hilary Duff! She was my inspiration for a large part of my childhood, so this evening I decided to pay homage to my former idol and record this cover of one of her songs. This song was from her very first album, Metamorphosis, and I listened to it religiously!

At the age of about nine she became my style icon, and the outfits she wore on Lizzie McGuire were fantastic back then (unfortunately, terrible now).

I'm a sucker for cheesy popstars!


  1. I used to downright love Hilary Duff! Lizzie McGuire was the greatest, and I remember equally listening to her album when it came out just as much. <3

  2. omg i so agree, I still look back at the Lizzie McGuire show and marvel at the awesomeness of her outfits. So bad and yet so good. Would so wear it head to toe


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