Oriental Bay

Ah, god, we are in our new house and it is SO GOOD. Everything is pale blue and we get so much sunshine and we have all this amazing space to put all our things in. Where clothes used to take a week to dry in the valley, here on the hill they are crisp after an hour on the line. Amazing. I am not quite ready to show photos of it because it's still a bit messy but here are a couple from earlier in summer that Christie suggested I share. My flatmate (former, I suppose) and I were both suuuper hungover the Sunday these were taken, but a swim in the sea at Oriental Bay cleansed us of our sins. Photos by Kita.

 Look at that mop. Thankfully my friend Margot cut off like six inches of it today, it was getting so gross. My 1950s black swimsuit is from Margot's mum's costume box, plus opshopped sunglasses and scarf.

And my obligatory Datter necklace.

Also while I'm here I might as well share these, from a sunny Sunday picnic several months ago in my friend Rose's amazing garden.

Wearing a lily-of-the-valley dress I got made in Vietnam from fabric that my friend Ella gave me, and Columbine tights. Glam, right. Photos by Ben Laksana.


Waddup 2013

Hi guys! Happy new year and all that! I hope everyone is well. Excuse my extended absence. My trusty old Mac crapped out in November, and after 48 emails and many phone calls, I picked up my replacement today. It was close-to-free thanks to the endlessly complicated joys of extended warranties, and now I can do the blog thing again.

I don't really have any proper bloggy photos though, sorry. Jack and I are moving house tomorrow so my dresses have spent the week bundled up in black rubbish bags. However, in December I received a new phone from my parents as a graduation present, and despite previously condemning it and thinking it was a waste of time, I've become one of those people who's really into Instagram. Sorryyyyy. So in lieu of some better-quality photos, here are some recent photos from mine.

 My three 1950s Horrockses dresses, Popsicle, and a vintage cardigan with a Ruby Boutique dress.

Packing for a jaunt to Christchurch and then wearing my dresses - a 1950s California Cottons one, then a 1950s rose-print one that I got for free from the opshop I volunteer at.

On the shore of Lake Tekapo, an opshop we stumbled across in Twizel, getting drunk with Christie.

The great floral couch we picked up from the side of the road, patting Lola in my new birdy print dress, a work-appropriate 1950s gingham dress.

Life is good.
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