From the riverside

Christmas was a lovely day! After a morning of eating excessive amounts of food and drinking, I headed out to Logan's place to enjoy a lovely sunny day by the river.

Because of the amazing hot days we've been having lately, the water level was so low! But it was still a lovely way to cool off.

This dress is one of my favourite recent additions to my wardrobe. I spied it behind the counter at Tete-a-Tete Vintage, where Vanessa was lovingly repairing it. I instantly decided it had to be mine, and told her I'd be back the next day to make it so. She kindly put it in the window for me, turning away dozens of pleas to try it on or buy it! I am so glad she hung onto it for me, because I feel so strongly about it! I love the Venice-esque print, depicting one of my favourite places I've visited, and the bow in the back is so sweet. I've actually worn it backwards too! I saved it up for months before Christmas to make its debut outing a special one, and it didn't disappoint.

Amongst my Christmas haul from my loved ones was an adjustable dress form from Logan! As I have no spatial reasoning so cannot follow a sewing pattern, making a dress for me usually involves haphazardly cutting and pinning and sewing directly onto my own body, usually a painful event. I can't wait to be able to make clothes and know that I'll come out of it unscathed! He also gave me some amazing vintage fabric, and I received a pile of fashion magazines (Frankie, Oyster and Russh!) from my brother, so I can't wait to get started making wonderful things! My parents gave me money for my camera (months ago), and Logan's parents gave me some amazing vintage-inspired bakeware too.

So many exclamation marks in this post. What can I say, I guess I'm just excited about everything right now!


Happy holidays!

Because my family don't really celebrate Christmas, I don't have many festive photos to share lately! So I'll leave you with these- the latest in my collection of things shaped like ducks (I love ducks so much oh man), and a sneak peek of my amazing Christmas dress that I've been saving up for months.

I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and be able to drink champagne instead of going to work! Merry Christmas, happy holidays, Hannukah, Summer or Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, or whatever else you may be celebrating this week!



Today, my boyfriend gave me an ultimatum: take his car, and use as much petrol in my car as possible. His boss planned to shout him a full tank as a Christmas present, so he had to get it down as low as possible within the evening to take full advantage of his generosity. Always up for a challenge, especially if it involves free reign to cavort about the city, I willingly accepted.

And so, my brother Will and I went forth to Sumner beach, across the other side of town from us, for a stroll in the muggy and windy evening. It was lovely.

(Wearing a vintage thrifted dress, a thrifted cardigan that was 50 cents, my stolen costume cupboard satchel, shoes from Emporium Vintage, and my usual quartz crystal bracelet)

I picked this 80s-does-the-50s dress up thrifting on the weekend. It was $10 which is a lot more that my average second hand find, but I think it was worth it. My 1960s t-bar shoes were highly inappropriate for rock climbing, but I managed to make it out alive with only minor injuries.

We ended up at the Volcano Cafe for an obscenely large and delicious late-night sundae. I frequently complain about New Zealand, but all it takes is a walk along the beach or a swim in the river at my Logan's to remind me that I am pretty lucky to live here.

Oh, and, the winner of a copy of Tilde Journal is Miss Kennedy Holmes! Thanks to everyone who entered.


chiffon dreams

window shutters, slanted ceilings, park views, tiny doors everywhere
boyfriend, new bedroom

i am very in love with my chiffon cape, handmade by my grandmother. the dress, socks and shoes were all gifts. my hair is getting lighter, the sun has just come out!


A vast array

I wore this to work today, and one of our regular customers, an older gentleman, stopped me and said he'd always admired my vast and impressive array of dresses. How lovely!

I'll admit to having worn this dress once on here before. It's a chronic re-offender in my wardrobe, and one of my absolute favourite thrifted finds ever. I snatched it up the post-apocalyptic week after the giant earthquake hit Christchurch in September. University was cancelled and my favourite thrift stores were still open, so I spent a lot of time sewing and finding gems like these!

Dearest Logan bought me this vintage necklace for our anniversary last week. He picked it out himself, and it really shows that he is attentive regarding my taste because I adore it. I'm one lucky gal.

Wearing a vintage thrifted dress, shoes from Emporium Vintage, vintage necklace from Tete-a-Tete via Logan, and a gifted boater hat.

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crystal visions

Me and my friend Mitchell went to the favourite haunt. I was longing for some long skirts but took a detour to the crystal shop first.

Amethyst, citrine, green quartz, oh my!
My grandmother made me a chiffon cape for my birthday, it's lovely. More pictures soon! My pink skirt was from a clothing swap.
I bought this lovely gypsy/hippy maxi skirt and a floral skirt that I plan to hem with a perfectly fitting waist! My lace top and the bustier that I'm wearing underneath were both from bad chain stores like Cotton On and Jay Jays etc, both on sale for very very cheap. I found the bullet shell necklace at a Bali import clearance for 50c!

I bought two velvet dresses (surprise). So many good nineties vibes!


Giveaway time!

I'm giving away a copy of Tilde Journal! A collaborative effort by many lovely ladies (and, well, me) Tilde Journal features photographs, writing, and creative efforts that will blow your mind. And you could have an issue for free!

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Just sweet transvestites

Last weekend was Logan's and my anniversary, so we crammed the car full of friends and sung Lawrence Arabia over to Pigeon Bay, near Akaroa.

(Can you tell he's 13 inches taller than me?)

It was a wonderful weekend.

We also attended a birthday party where we had to dress up as one another. I was Steven, who doesn't usually wear scalloped shorts but I don't own any pants so had to improvise.

Oli was me, and looked better in my thrifted velvet dress than I do.

Logan also gave me part of my Christmas present early...

Sobranie Cocktails! All the way from the Ukraine! Please don't be rude or judgmental, I rarely indulge in a cigarette but I have dreamed of these for years. I'm saving them for special occasions.

I also may or may not have bought this dress. What a bits-and-pieces entry! Apologies! It has been a busy week.


Three from the weekend

Dress - vintage, from Two Squirrels Vintage
Shoes - are very old.

Dress - thrifted for $4, one of my favourite finds ever.
Sunglasses - thrifted for $1
Shoes - Emporium Vintage

(I don't know what happened to the lighting in these! Weird.)
Dress - thrifted
Belt- thrifted
Shoes - the same ancient ones from above.

All photos by Logan.


empty bedroom

New birthday shoes and skirt both from Wild Pair, thrifted lace coat, slouchy crop top from misc shop in Dressmart. I got a tripod for my birthday and I was trying it out!


Sweet sixteen

Last Friday, on the 26th, I turned sixteen and moved into a new house. The very next day I had a pool party to celebrate this new age and this new pool of ours! Georgia took some amazing photos. I may have turned sixteen but my inner six year old wanted nothing but a pool party, and my sixteenth was very sweet indeed.

What I wore!

Minkpink dress from Wild Pair, amazing wedges heels also from Wild Pair, Stevie Nicks & crystal necklaces were all birthday gifts, and my beautiful new Holga was a split gift from Georgia and my wonderful boyfriend!

My new home which I am totally in love with.

Georgia saved a bee from drowning in the pool!

Unflattering jumping photo! (Wearing new dress from Georgia)

Me (looking too happy) and aforementioned wonderful boyfriend yesterday:

I found the blouse, was given the velvet floral skirt, and thrifted the lace coat.
I got some beautiful gifts and was reminded very much of how lovely my friends are and how lucky I am to have friends like them! I've been shooting the summer days in my new neighbourhood with my new Holga 135BC and I'm very excited to see how the pictures turn out.
Christmas is also coming and life is sweet.
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