Almost autumn

cream coloured coat - my mother's wardrobe
60's minidress (once was a maxi) - Salvation Army store
crochet cardigan - Wanaka Recycling Centre
brown leather boots - secondhand store
sunglasses - retail, cheap
vintage camera bag - markets

Yesterday was definitely an almost-autumnal day. Not the warmest or driest of days, so I wore this creamy-coloured and practical coat with a very handy hood to keep myself dry during the occasionally rainy patches. The day involved finding a couple of lovely things at a vintage sale and lunch at Burgers & Beers on Colombo St.

This dress has an amazing collar and cut-out back, it's a shame you can't see them in these photos! It was made in New Zealand by 'American Lady', and I have another dress very similar to this but blue (worn here) with the same label, but can't find anything about it on the internet. Do any of you lovely ladies  know anything about this brand? I love these dresses to bits and want to know more!


Adieu, adieu

Yo! Let's go back in time for a minute. The day before I left Christchurch, I managed to take some time out from going insane due to packing, and took my bike for one last spin into the central city to see Christie. We wandered around the gardens and caught up on everything we needed to before my departure - mostly just how much I knew I'd miss her. And I still forgot to give her the present I got her in Vietnam last year, despite it being in my satchel the whole time.

(Wearing vintage Horrockses dress from Recycle Vintage, vintage belt off another dress from Emporium Vintage, Datter arrow pendant, 1950s school satchel from the costume cupboard and sparkly Goldenponies oxfords)

I picked up this amazing Horrockses dress for a steal when I was in Wellington to see Beirut the week before I moved there. It was love at first sight- it's made of a beautiful heavy fabric and fits me utterly perfectly. I can't work out what era it's from though- the label is completely different to my other Horrockses dress, it just has the brand name on a dark navy background and no other details. It does have a metal zipper and an in-built petticoat though. Is it a convincing 80s-does-50s, or actual 50s?

(Christie is wearing a children's dress from The $2 Clothing Warehouse, a 60s fluttery blouse from a market, baby necklace from Quick Brown Fox in Melbourne, and the regular Converse and tights.)

As usual, Christie looked ridiculously babin' in this adorable dress from the kids section of a thrift store! I adore the little smocked American flag detailing. I miss this lady, but I know we'll have plenty more time for adventures when she comes to visit me here... ahem.


Un peu Fran├žais

Last weekend I attended a beautiful wedding at an amazing home in Akaroa. I love weddings - seeing people so happy, delicious food, champagne and the excuse to dress up! A perfect moment, drinking champagne on the balcony on a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze, listening to Edith Piaf and looking out over spectacular Akaroa Harbour. Apparently people thought I looked quite French. Quite fitting as Akaroa is a quaint historic French settlement and the streets still retain their original names - Rue Lavaud is the main street!

dress - Farmers
bow wedges - borrowed to match my bag and lipstick!
bag - vintage, from my Aunt
silver bracelet - a birthday gift



Ah, man, I'm living the life here. Seriously, I'm riding the wave of blissful unemployment and couldn't be happier. I manage to fill in my days doing the things I love, hanging out with awesome people and literally being happier than I've ever been before. Sorry, you're all probably sick of my ranting about how sweet my life is, but... yeah. Not sorry.

I spent a day with Natalie-Jean from A Lesson In Whimsy earlier this week, and we had such a nice time looking around vintage shops and getting milkshakes.

And yesterday I met my friend Hannah in town and we walked to Oriental Bay. It was my first time there, and we got cookie dough icecream and sat around in the sun for ages.

I've also been doing a little bit of shopping, if you can believe it. I'm finally reaping the benefits of my hectic work schedule back in Christchurch! Here we have a 70s floral croptop sent to me by Camelia, a Swonderful skirt from Recycle Boutique that my mum got me, the perfect red 1950s dress, and a vintage embroidered dirndl that I picked up from a junk shop near my house- the label says Edelweiss! It had a broken zipper so I got it for a great price, and today when I was buying a replacement zip for it the goat herd song from The Sound of Music came on over the store sound system. Coincidence... or something more sinister?

I also got this weird, creepy bunny money box from a garage sale down the road this morning. It was 50c, and I couldn't bring myself to leave it behind. It's joined all my other weird whimsical animal-shaped homewares on my dresser.

And I got this perfect 1950s party dress off Trademe for a song. I think I'm gonna wear it to Bon Iver, so you'll be seeing more of it soon.

(Wearing a vintage 50s gingham day dress off Trademe, a belt from my friend Margot, necklace I made from my mum's wisdom tooth and shoes from Emporium Vintage)
And some wonderful outfit photos from Kita. Tonight we're making cookies and playing Trivial Pursuit!


Inspiration: Miss Peggy Lee

Sophistication, glamour, class, style, an amazing voice and fantastic eyebrows - Peggy Lee had it all and more! I am currently in total adoration of her. Her style is fantastic, let alone her incredibly sultry singing voice and classic beauty! I love the beautiful 40's and 50's fashion she wore, especially the beaded dress in the first photo and the adorable circle skirt in the second photo. Her always immaculate blonde curls keep my daydream of being blonde well and truly alive. This woman is truly inspiring.

A video of Peggy performing 'Why Don't You Do Right' in 1950:
(the way she sings is truly worth watching, she is captivating)

I myself love jazz and she is a massive inspiration to me as a singer. If only I looked immaculate and waltzed around in beautiful 1950's gowns all the time like her!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our readers!
Share something you love with us in a comment below!

(PS. Peggy could definitely be my Valentine!)




My first lot of photos from my flatmate Kita! Yay! We've had the most productive few days, including making the meanest aloo gobi ever and chasing up parcels of vintage dresses for me.

(Wearing 1950s rose-print dress from eBay, vintage oxfords from Emporium Vintage on Cuba St, misc tights and a thrifted mustard dotty handkerchief/headscarf)

How perfect is this dress? The fit, the print, the fabric, the lace paneling... it's a dream. When I found it on eBay a few months ago I knew we needed to be 2getha 4eva, but the seller was based in the USA and refused to ship internationally, despite my slightly-pathetic pleading. Thankfully the internet has provided me with many mad hookups, and the lovely Taylor at Major Stranger let me get it sent to her and then forwarded it on to me. I'm so grateful for her services, because it's become a wardrobe staple of mine. I wear it at least once a week, and I can't believe it's never featured on the blog before.

Also I was so excited to finally find some nice, plain vintage oxfords in my size. I have freakishly small feet, and shoes in this style are generally made for men so I have no hope. When I found this pair at Emporium the other day I was utterly thrilled and bought them without a second thought.

And as for my elusive photographer...

She prefers not to show her face!


Whimsy cave

Sorry for the lack of posts on my behalf lately, and many thanks to Christie for picking up the slack with her amazing outfits and photography. Boy do I miss that girl. So... yeah, I live in Wellington now, and it rules. It kinda feels too good to be true, and the amazing fortune I've been having lately is so surreal and wonderful. The last fortnight-ish has been truly amazing. Yesterday I fiiiiinally finished moving into my flat- I live with the coolest people ever, they've been infinitely helpful and kind to me, and it really feels like a proper home. I actually met my flatmate/friend Kita on Livejournal, which is kinda funny I guess. Here's a little look at my room in all its whimsical glory.

My boyfriend scored me this awesome Art Deco-esque chest of drawers with a scalloped mirror, although it got a tiny bit cracked in the process of moving it from his place to mine. Check out my amazing rubbery Bambi lamp (a Trademe score) and my very own Golden the Pony Boy (a relic from a crafty boy I dated at age 16).

Today we all went opshopping together in Newtown, and I got this awesome old school desk and chair from two separate shops, although they go perfectly together. It was only $26 total for both of them! Also pictured: me trying to decide whether or not to get some silver glittery Goldenponies mary-janes. I also got the cross-stitched Virgin Mary today for a pittance.

Also expect some nice outfit posts in the future, as Kita is an excellent photographer and has assured me she'll pick up where my brother has left off.
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