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I, like many others, like The Like. Although I love their old music a lot more than that of the new lineup, their wonderfully cohesive aesthetic never ceases to inspire me.

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This picture of Tennessee Thomas, looking amazing as usual with her swiss-dotted sleeves, reminded me of one of my recent purchases from Two Squirrels Vintage. Its owners, Warren and Vanessa, also of Tete-a-Tete Vintage, have kept my wardrobe bulging with their amazing quality and reasonably priced vintage for around 6 years now. They're by far the best vintage in Christchurch, and unfailingly helpful and lovely.

Puffy sleeves, bows, lime green and polka dots are amongst my favourite things, so this dress is perfection. I wore this yesterday to eat a whole kilogram of pistachios with my boyfriend, and hang out with his grandparents. Also I found an old digital camera buried in the depths of our study, please excuse my inability to work it.

Dress - Two Squirrels Vintage
Tights - my last pair without ladders! Until I can afford some more non-sweatshop American Apparel ones, this is it.
Shoes - ?

Today is the day my family return from Vietnam/Singapore/wherever else they're been, so I'm taking a break from cleaning frantically to post this.

Excuse my hunchback and sullen expression. Being up since 5 am does this to me.

My vintage floral Docs are my absolute favourite shoes ever. Originally purchased by Andrea, and coming to me via Hannah, they're amazing quality and were such a steal. I lusted after them for ages on eBay etc, and never thought of finding a reasonably priced pair in my size.

Dress - vintage, bought online
Tights - the usual
Cardigan - thrifted, 50c
Shoes - vintage Docs

I hope you are all well etc. x


  1. I want to transport Tete a Tete Vintage to Wellington. It is my absolute favorite vintage store - definitely due to how lovely Vanessa and Warren are.

    Loving that blue and white dress!


  2. Hello, thankyou for leaving such lovely comments on my blog! Pleased to meet you :))

    Wow, I had not heard of The Like, but going on their outfits, I'd better check them out!! Gorgeous girls!

    Love your floral docs!!

    xx Claire

  3. How much did you get the Docs for? :)

  4. Jeen- for $100! Such a bargain considering they go on eBay for upwards of $600!


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