Oh, I found my USB cord. Cool.

In a field at my boyfriend's place in an Urban Renewal dress, my blister shoes, and sunglasses that I got for around 80 cents in a market in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I'd really love to have a functional, reliable, good-quality camera to call my own. I adore film, but it's got so expensive here! So I'm considering buying a Canon EOS 350d or 400d. Does anybody have experience with either of these? Any words of wisdom or other DSLR recs for me? I'm looking to spend $500-600 and will definitely get it second-hand regardless of model.


  1. How will you afford a camera like that? Poor student?

  2. Speedy reply! Well done!

    I work full-time over the uni holidays (which are 4 months!) and have lived at home this year and will continue to do so for several more months. Living costs = almost nil. So I have tonnes of savings! I was raised by a bank manager so I am frugal and thrifty and generally good with my money by nature. I love cameras and I think a nice DSLR would be a good investment, especially considering you can get them for ~$3500 which is only 3 days' pay!

  3. Mine is a 350D! It's pretty good.

  4. i love these pictures and your hair is just gorgeous! good luck with your camera <3

  5. I want to frolic in a field wearing a cute dress too! Whenever I see your hair it always quells the urge I have inside me to chop my hair off!


  6. aww fun pictures
    are these also near Christchurch?

    i spent a couple of days there last year at the end of our NZ roadtrip.
    i remember sleeping a lot in christchurch

  7. They are! Christie and I live in Christchurch, but my bf Logan lives 45 minutes away in North Canterbury. It's beautiful.

  8. Mine is a 450D and you know how much I love that camera. :3
    - Kita.


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