Some photos from Oli's Nikon FG, from our spring-break-iced-tea-haircut-salt-and-vinegar gathering a couple of weeks ago. I am allowed to post these because I took half of them- sorry Oli.

Steven is resident hair-cutter whenever he's home. Also Oli dropped the camera and the back came off.

Grainy Oli and Logan.

Paige conquering her fear of opening the champagne, or something.

Steven has this amazing faceted glass paperweight that we always end up taking photos through! It's like Holga filters for cheapskates.

Alex and I love chips. She made her beautiful dress, and I got mine thrifting with Christie last summer.

The gang. Yay.


  1. These are all so lovely! His camera takes such nice pictures (and I always secretly wondered how he got that awesome holga-filter-effect)


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