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Dress - Dangerfield, I had to take 3 buses and get completely lost in Sydney to get it, but it was worth it.
Coat - Madame Hawke, from Ruby.
Brain - ded.


  1. I have 6 special/sentimental rings I never take off, and yep, a couple do match my coat. I like turquoise.

  2. A Madame Hawke coat to pass on to yr children. I need one.

  3. GOod times. Do you know this joseph ernest guy? Did we meet him whilst drinking or something?

  4. Probably, that is how I gain most of my friends. I'm nowhere near as charming sober. But on the contrary, I think he's drifted my way from the lets-mock-fashion-blogs trend that was catalysed by yours truly.


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