Just some recent pics from my Instagram
The 1950s under-the-sea print dress I got myself for my 20th birthday, tamarillos from Jack's parents' garden, plum crumble in an opshopped Pyrex dish. 

Beaded cardigan from Recycle with Blanes 50s dress from Trade Me, my heart-shaped bag thing, breakfast in bed. 

Dress from my friend Bobbi Jo, a replica of a 40s dress my parents got made for me in Vietnam, the wine cellar at a place I went for a dinner party the other week. 

Cute little 60s striped dress from eBay, matching prints on two 1950s dresses, perfect cardi that my bf's grandma knitted me from a 1940s pattern. 

 A bit of my wardrobe, a gingham California Cottons 1950s dress and bolero set, and a heavenly rose-printed velvet 1950s Southwell dress from Trade Me - my most exciting new purchase of recent weeks.


Good work, Sam. Come on, I'll buy you a falafel.

Wearing a forest green 1950s cropped jacket from Brag Vintage, 1950s copper rose border print day dress from an opshop, Columbine merino tights, t-bar shoes from Emporium Vintage and banana basket from Jack's mum.

I wore this to go get a falafel and some dolmades and some hair of the dog for my hangover. This is that dress that I was given as a gift from my manager at the opshop I used to volunteer at. She found it while sorting through donations and gave it to me to say congratulations when I landed my Big Girl Job. I wear it so often that I hadn't realised it had never featured on here before. Also wearing a new Ruth Rees Originals cropped dark green 50s jacket with awesome rectangular bakelite buttons,  from Brag Vintage. I have a really similar one to this but in a mid-brown colour that my dad got me three years ago and I've worn so much the lining is starting to disintegrate. I am always searching for its perfect replacement and I think this one might come close.
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