Wearing a 1950s 'Ladylook' striped floral rose dress from Trade Me, opshopped white cardigan from ages ago, Columbine merino tights, vintage silver bangle that was a 21st present from my mum from Ziggurat, Doc Martens mary janes from Recycle Boutique and amazing leopard belt from Trade Me also.

This is, I think, the last one of the dresses I got from that one really good Trade Me seller that I have to show off here. It is pretty much everything I could ask for in a dress, including having POCKETS!!!! Plus I was the only bidder on it for some reason, so got it super cheaply. Sorry for the overload of blue + roses in these photos! 

I actually wore this to work on Monday, but I did a 12 hour day and by the time I got home all I wanted to do was eat soup in bed so didn't photograph it. I recreated it for some outfit photos, kindly taken by my brother while sitting on my bed as part of our high-tech new set up. I am doing that pose with the foot because Will was calling out to me that the bottom of the photos was too dark to see my nice shoes.

I got these shoes on the weekend from Recycle Boutique, and just as I was buying them I ran into Trees for the first time ever, which is surprising because Wellington seems like a pretty tiny place most of the time. We talked about having a Wellington blogger get-together thing, so please email me if you are interested! My address is our the 'about' section. Anyway, these shoes are suuuuuuuper comfy and amazing quality, plus they've already been broken in which is a plus. I often think I'd be willing to pay a huge amount of money for a pair of cute, plain, comfy black flats that will last for longer than a year, and I think I may have found them for a bargain. I feel like by the time I am, like, 25 I will have slowly curated this perfect vintage wardrobe full of the best weirdest nicest things ever, and these shoes feel like an important building block in this process.


Instagram + an outfit

It is officially winter here and it's sort of depressing that we have another three months of short days and days that don't get above seven degrees, but also 'cause it gets dark so early that when I get home from work at 5.30pm the daylight is well over. My brother and I have devised an outfit photo-taking set up involving lots of lamps and unnatural light, and it seemed to work out on yesterday's test run while it wasn't yet completely dark outside.
 Lol at my faces and pose. I need to figure out how to look normal in outfit photos. I'm wearing a 1950s pale blue lace dress with scalloped neckline and hemline from the Emporium Vintage sale with a cardigan off Etsy feat. Vivian cheerleader patch also off Etsy, opshopped belt, rose brooch from my friend Alex from years ago, old tights and Melissa velvet wedges from Recycle Boutique.

A couple of weekends ago a great Wellington vintage shop, Emporium, had a massive sale on a Saturday afternoon.  Jack and I arrived half an hour before it was set to start, thinking we were being super organised, and were greeted with a crowd of 100+ fellow vintage lovers on Cuba Street. By the time the door had opened even more people had gathered, and we were pushed up the stairs in the most intense throng. It was scarily riotous, and I'd imagine had I been less freaked out I could've got way more amazing stuff. 

My vintage senses were a little paralysed by anxiety, but I still came away with this dress, as well as a white Lanz sundress, a floral striped cotton dress and a cropped pale blue 50s cardigan. I tried this dress on when it was $95 in January 2012, so I was chuffed to get it for a fiver. My friend Madds was actually trying it on and even though it fit her perfectly and looked amazing, she still decided to let me have it. Score! Also, I wore my yellow striped Horrockses dress to the sale, and four different people tried to steal off me it while I was trying other stuff on, huddled in the corner of the bar with others in varying states of undress.

Also because this outfit post kinda sucks, here is some stuff from my Instagram. Hopefully there will be more actual new content in the coming days.
My Goldenponies shoes have been ridden hard and put away wet; dirndl dress that I got from a junk shop; rainbow wool skirt from Etsy.

A Moonrise Kingdom-esque 1960s dress from Trade Me; perfectttt 1950s pink and blue rose day dress from Recycle Boutique; a really good selfie from when I got my hair cut and brought back to its fringey best the other week.

Two 1950s dresses to sell, although the right hand one has already sold; sunglasses that I opshopped for $1 and am in the process of painting with glitter nail polish; amazingly comfy and durable Doc Martens mary janes from Recycle Boutique.
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