My other home

 At the high school I attend we have 'homebases', a group of 15 or so students of any age that hang together a lot and are bound in harmony by one teacher (which we call a 'learning advisor'). I have a wonderful bunch of people in my homebase, creative, arty and crafty people that make our homebase area very cute and a perfect place to be on a sunny spring day like this.

I took some photographs to capture the essence of our lovely space.

 This is my beautiful talented friend Yssie. She makes amazing eerie music with beautifully poetic lyrics. Check out her Last.fm here (you won't regret it)
 Mitchell also makes sweet ambient folky lo-fi music with awesome diy vibes. He also likes this cat that wanders around our school. Check out his Last.fm too.

This is my awesome 'learning advisor', Frances (like a teacher, but better). She lives in a great little place called Lyttelton and wears Kate Sylvester dresses while teaching us about health issues and language features. She also tells us a lot about her life, which is good, cause she has a pretty interesting life.
 This girl, Zea, takes amazing photos and has hair like a goddess.


  1. You make our homebase look so amazingly great! Love your posts Christie!

  2. Good lord, Mitchell is looking so... babely. Also it's good to see Zea wearing the dress I sent! I am jealous of the whimsy of your school, mine was decidedly less awesome.

  3. This sounds awesome. Different to my form class.

  4. Hahaha Georgia, you're so sweet. Christie, these photos are amazing! Well done. I think you captured the essence of our homebase perfectly.

  5. I miss my homebase so bad!
    We populated the North Towers and named our level George. Where has UPT moved to?



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