St. Rupertsberg

St. Rupertsberg are an all-girl octet from Wellington who make music that's endlessly appealing- lyrics that are mythical without too much whimsy, unwavering vocal harmonies, and an impeccable brass section. They combine everything I love in one cute package with their music, and I feel very lucky to have seen them play a couple of times. I seriously cannot get enough of their recently-released Seasonal Glimpse EP, and it's become my theme song for riding my bike around in the wonderful Spring weather we've been having lately.

The Bandcamp flash player isn't working at the moment, so here's a download link to my favourite track off the EP, I'm So Fucking Goddamn Lonely. To buy the whole thing for a miniscule price, which I suggest you do, go here!


  1. They look so adorable. I will have to check them out after I finish this essay I am procrastinating about.

  2. They look pretty amazing, I'm sure they sound great, will be checking them out! x


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