Strawberry fields

The first time I ever met my friend Zea, and she was wearing this strawberry-print dress with black patent Doc Martens, I knew I was going to like her. Zea is a thrifter extraordinaire, with a seriously enviable vintage wardrobe, but nothing ever came close to that strawberry dress for me. I coveted it openly, for years. When she recently suggested we could do a clothing swap, I nearly died when it came up for grabs. It now resides in my wardrobe, and I donned it today for the first really warm Spring day we've had.

(Wearing vintage dress from Zea, ancient Zara cardigan, thrifted belt, Urban Outfitters sandals bought on eBay, and sunglasses from a street market in Hanoi).

Now that the weather's warming up, I can actually leave the house without tights and not fear for my life. These sunglasses are old favourites, but the paint is starting to peel off the arms after many seasons of constant wear. I can't find anything that even comes close to them now, except lovely horn-rimmed 1950s ones that are invariably well beyond my student budget. How tragic.


  1. Awh! You're saying lovely things! That dress looks SO good on you! I'm happy that it's going to you because I know you'll wear it way more than I did! :D

  2. that dress is amazing. so happy it is finally yours!

  3. What an awesome dress!! :) lucky you, it's still too cold down south to shed the tights yet, doesn't matter, means I get to wear all the ones I picked up recently in the sales! :)



  4. Ooo that dress is adorable! What a great score!


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