Apologies and photoshoots

Ah! Hi! Things have been so crazy lately that I've sorta fallen off the face of the blogosphere. My apologies! I've been super busy with school and friends and eating and drinking and really enjoying my life properly for the first time in ages, not to mention I just got back from five amazing days in Wellington, with plenty of photos to come. But for now here are some shots by the lovely Johanna Macdonald. She used some clothes from my shop, Georgia Rose Vintage, and she did such a gorgeous job. 
All of these are available for sale now! 

Model: Johanna Schacht @ Portfolio

P.S. How wang is the new blogspot posting layout? Bring back the old one!


  1. love these shots. you haave pretty things in your store lady

  2. I adore these photographs . The images are dream-like . I want to keep every article of clothing!!!

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!


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