Snow good!

(Wearing a vintage dress that was a gift from my penpal Kensey Crane, my mum's red duffel, thrifted mustard beret, thrifted silk scarf, thrifted cardigan, costume cupboard satchel, Columbine merino tights, merino-mink socks and my mum's patent Docs. So many layers!)

For the second time this year, snow has come to Christchurch. That's another day off work, university and school for me and Will. Our lack of foresight (despite many warnings from Metservice) was apparent as we had to walk down to the supermarket to get some bread to make it through the day, but it was a good opportunity for some photos. Clearly my mum has far more practical winter clothes than me, as I had to raid her wardrobe to find a proper warm coat and boots! One trip out in the snow was enough for me though. Time to hunker down with some tea, cinnamon scones and a Media Studies essay.


  1. I love the coat. Your Mum has good taste. Yay for snow days. It gives me more time to do my essays that are due at the end of the week.

  2. Man I'm missing it all down here in Invercargill! :( maybe tonight?? It's quite nice going for a walk in the snow sometimes :)



  3. Yeah,that's a great coat!Love the mustard beret,too!
    So the predictions came true!Poo and yay,I suppose!Stay warm!!XXX

  4. Red and yellow is one of my favourite combinations, and perfect for snow days! Plus, duffel coats are the best. : )

  5. "Time to hunker down with some tea, cinnamon scones and a Media Studies essay. "

    this sounds so cosy! i love the colour combinations!

  6. such a cute, cozy outfit! love that red coat, especially :)


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