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As you may have already heard, me and my band, 5th Day of May got the amazing opportunity to open for Imogen Heap along with a wonderful collective of Lyttelton musicians aptly named Harbour Union.
It was a fantastic, wonderful night and I was lucky enough to chat and sing and sneak a photo with the lovely Imogen:

Playing a song I wrote:

Apart from singing in front of sold out crowds, I've spent the holidays in the sun and rain with Adam, my family and my cats.


  1. Congratulations on opening for Imogen Heap! That is sooo cool!

  2. what a fantastic experience, well done :)

  3. Christie, you are pretty amazing!

  4. Sadly I never made it up the Basilica! I poked my nose through the door once though and was all kinds of impressed! It is so cool to meet another Christchurch blogger! I'm a-following!


  5. And also, I meant to say that it WAY too amazing about Imogen! I really wanted to go - but only found out the night after the show! Haha!

  6. You are adorable and your photos are beautiful! Congratulations on the exciting musical opportunity. <3

  7. congrats! that must have been so much fun.

  8. p.s. you have such a beautiful voice. that song was lovely

  9. Just got linked to your blog and have been trawling your posts for the last 2 hours. I was at the Imogen Heap concert and I remember watching your band and thinking - frick that girl has a cute dress on!

    Also - been visiting V and W for over 7 years too! Stoked to see someone else who loves them too and is so dedicated to vintage clothing :) I look forward to following your blog!



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