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I've been feeling horrible about blogging lately. I feel like the more blogs I read, the less awesome my life seems. I've been so busy with university lately and feeling so unmotivated in general, that the idea of posing for photos and critiquing myself in a public forum makes me feel a bit crap. Every blogger seems to have it down- the right balance in their lives, the most amazing wardrobes, the nicest cameras and the most lovely things to photograph and share. And my life seems to mundane in comparison- a full-time student living in a barely-standing house in suburbia, spending most of my time drinking beer and watching The Simpsons with my boyfriend. Ugh. I don't really know what to do about this silly jealousy- of course bloggers don't like to write about the bad things in life, the days they went thrifting and found nothing nice, or those outfit shoots that don't turn out right. There's just always an aspect of having a fashion blog that says 'look at what I've got and, ergo, you haven't'. Um. I don't really know where I'm going with this- possibly just appropriating rumours that fashion bloggers are a self-indulgent and narcissistic bunch. Whoops. Anyway.

Not only have I got a case of the blogger blues, but to add insult to injury I've had a couple of wee accidents lately-firstly, a fall off my bike onto some gravel, tearing through my brand new stockings and giving me some seriously grazed knees. The next day my senile old cat tripped me up as I walked down our hallway, and I bashed my elbow against one of our stainless steel door handles- ouch. I've got nerve damage to my arm (thanks a lot, Roger) and my fingers keep doing involuntary twinge-y things that spook me a bit. Needless to say, I'm full of painkillers right now.

Thankfully, said boyfriend is always there to make me feel a little better about myself. Through some cosmic twist of fate, we both had Tuesday off work, so we set out so visit a couple of second hand stores in North Canterbury, about an hour out of the city. One of the best things about Christchurch is the sprawl, and the little periphery towns that go with it. We picked Oxford and Amberly as our destinations, and we weren't disappointed. It was so lovely to get out of the routine of uni-work-essays that usually dominates my waking hours, and see more of the country.

The opshops up North proved fruitful, and I slowly filled Logan's back seat with the most amazing things. One of my favourite finds was a trio- the amazing blue floral dress just down there, a sweet blouse and an embroidered chambray dress that I suspect were all from the same donor. They seem like the kind of things that a skilled grandma made for an ungrateful granddaughter, as they're beautifully handmade but have clearly never been worn. I'm glad I could take them on as my own.

Afterwards we stopped off at Brew Moon, the makers of our absolute favourite beers ever (and we drink a lot of beer, trust me). We got their sampler with a glass of each different beer, as well as a massive bowl of chips and two different kinds of cake... and we took away a 2-litre rigger of the Hophead organic pale ale, which tastes like apricots. So good!

(Dress, belt and shoes all thrifted on my road trip, thrifted cardigan, tights from Myer ages ago and crochet bag from Trademe for $4, vintage necklace a present from my boyfriend.)
I threw this outfit together from things picked up along our little road trip. This dress, from the grandma collection, was an absolute steal at $1 from the best opshop ever. I love the horizontal pleated detailing on the hem! I only had $8 cash, or else I could've taken away a much more significant pile.

I'd also like to say thanks to the lovely ladies at Ventricular Projects for including me in their dream wardrobes project. Tricia and Carly are two seriously awesome babes, who are both committed to making and sharing the most excellent bits of art and culture. Check out the rest of their dream wardrobes if you want to feel some intense blogger envy!


  1. Thanks so much for letting us include you, Georgia!:)

    "There's just always an aspect of having a fashion blog that says 'look at what I've got and, ergo, you haven't'. " lol yes this is so true. I actually stopped reading a lot of blogs because I always find myself feeling so inadequate afterwards.

  2. Gorgeous new frock!! It looks lovely on you.
    Hurrah for some great opshop scores,plus great booze and nibbles!
    Don't let the glam US bloggers get you down! It's all smoke,mirrors and schoolgirl clique!
    Rock on!

  3. Awww love. Hurting your self is the worst, especially bike crashes. I felt exactly like you did about blogging and life after i got my toe caught in my spoke a few months back. I still feel so weird having a blog. Sometimes the whole concept grosses me out and then some days it makes me happy.

    On a lighter note, how much does your Tuesday sound like a dream? What sweet scores! that dress fits you perfectly...and those yellow and red stripes look so promising.


  4. this dress is so cute and your hair is so pretty! dont get down about other blogs, everyone always makes their life seem more exciting than it is haha

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Salut Georgia, first of all: thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it.

    Second: Your photos, your outfit and your writing are all really nice.

    Third: a while back I wrote a very similar post saying that everybody in the blog world seems to have a far more exciting life than me, seems to have a generally completely enchanted existence etc etc... You know what: most of it is rubbish! They're all just as boring as me - if not more so (though seemingly with a lot more cash to burn) and obviously only post the nice bits (just like me) of their lives. Let's face it: who'd be interested in somebody's daily office rubbish... I do hope that I am somewhat more honest than some though (I do say when I'm down) and I always wonder who the poor person is who has to play "personal photographer" to all these people on a daily basis...hmmm

    Hope your skin and heart heal soon ;-) Love from London xo

  6. Pretty dress. I love the all the op shops that are around South Canterbury. There's so much good stuff and it's so cheap. I have deleted almost all of the blogs from my reader that make me feel inadequate because they are more interesting/prettier/lead exciting lives. It's quite freeing really. Watching the Simpsons, drinking beer and going on op shopping expeditions sounds pretty perfect to me though.

  7. ooooh, oh, what a lovely dress. $1, R you kidding me!? x

  8. I'm sure all bloggers feel that way at one time or another - I know I succumbed to the pressure and have rarely been blogging at all these days!

    But I just want to say that yours is one of my favorite blogs - I don't get time to read as many as I used to but I always always look out for your posts - your outfits are always lovely, your photos beautiful and I love the way you write.

    Also - I love to read about/am always jealous of you in the Christchurch op shops I know so well!


  9. Aww, this is lovely,
    nice post!

    Henar ♥

  10. sucha a lovely dress!!!OMG only fot that price!! and your bag is absolutly amazing!

  11. I often feel extremely burnt out with blogging. I think the competition is ferocious, and sometimes all the photos of all the girls posing in all the dresses run together in my head like some deranged film reel. I do actually love blogging, but I freely admit there's a lot to hate about it too.

    I actually think most bloggers have really boring lives, for what it's worth. Hehe, especially if you have any of them on twitter, most of the time they're just talking about homework or their husbands or their dogs or something. I think your blog is great, stimulating and intelligent, so I hope you recover from your funk! I'll buy you a virtual beer. ; )

  12. cute outfit, I esp like your purse (big fan of crochet). I love beer sampling, it's what I'll miss most about living in Oregon (the microbrews)
    As for blogger jealousy, I think it's important to remember that any good writer will "edit" their experiences-- every single person, no matter how glamorous, does mundane things every day but we don't hear about it b/c only in their "art" is their life dramatic enough to be exciting. It's probablly some kind of survival instinct for people to compare ourselves to others and get jealous, but remember to keep it in balance. You DO have a very nice wardrobe and also a nice boyfriend which is worth more than designer clothes and dslrs.
    sorry to hear about your recent injuries, heal up!

  13. I love the idea of a beer sampler! And I love the way it's presented on that little board, so cute.


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