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(Photo stolen from T'Nealle's blog)

If you live in Christchurch and have nothing better to do this Wednesday night (come on, I know you don't), come on down to the opening party for The Archive's pop-up shop! Located at 336 St Asaph St, you'll find crafts, zines, local music, and baking... not to mention a large number of garments from my own wardrobe! I've had a bit of a clearout, and there are some great vintage pieces available for a tiny price. Festivities kick off around 5pm, and the shop is open until Wednesday June 8th, 12 - 4 pm every day.

I originally wasn't going to post the photos below, as they were taken right after my aforementioned bike crash. I look a bit flustered and teary-eyed, both of which I was. However, this post felt a bit bare by itself, so I guess I could manage a couple. I'm not feeling quite as terrible about myself as I was then, thanks to lots of sweet comments indicating that we're all in the same boat.

(Wearing a vintage dress bought in Wellington, thrifted beaded cardigan, and oxfords from Goldenponies on Etsy)

I was so very very happy to find this cardigan earlier in the week. After seeing one on Meg's blog I made it my mission to find the perfect 1950s beaded cardi for the awful New Zealand winter, but was a little miffed at the very high (for a student budget!) prices they go for on Etsy, eBay and the likes. The very next day I wandered into a thrift store on a whim and there is was, beaming at me. For $7 I was chuffed, not to mention the fact that it's angora and lambswool, and in amazing condition. The beading was all intact too, until my little bike tumble ripped some off the sleeve. Thankfully, one of the pros of working in a jewelery shop is that I'm a dab hand with seed beads, so I've returned it to its previous glory.

Finally, how amazing are these highland bulls that hang out near Logan's place in Fernside? It's a veritable menagerie out there- you can't look out the window without encountering goats, geese, cows, chickens, teeny tiny ponies, alpacas and llamas.


  1. I have been informed that the bovine like classical muic played to them!
    Love the cardi.
    I would never have guessed that you'd just had a spill off your bike! I once took a spectacular tumble on the tram tracks.OW.
    Might just have to make it to that Archive thingy.

  2. That's classical MUSIC.Not muic.I don't know what that is.

  3. ooo lovely find! If I lived in NZ I'd be sure to go to that event, it looks top!

    Hope the bike crash wasn't too scarey :)

  4. OKAY. When I'm settled in Wellington and have money, my first holiday is to chch and buy your clothes and see the alpacas and get drunk with you again :3

  5. Good luck with the pop up shop!

    I've been looking for a cardigan like that since about February! I keep getting mad at Etsy and ebay for charging ridiculous prices for cardigans that are a) ugly, and b) ACRYLIC. So really well found there!

    I used to work in a jewellery shop too. Ah, seed beads. : )

  6. Wish I was in Christchurch...love your dress! And the bulls...

  7. That cardigan was such a wonderful find (angora AND lambswool? be still my heart!). I hope you're not too hurt!

  8. That cardigan is wonderful. It was ment to be my dear. Its so funny with thrifting, I feel like if you have patience you will find what you are looking or eventually....unless you have giant feet like me and then your dream shoes never seem to materialize.

    I can't believe you jumped infront of the camera after your wee crash...brave you. I hope you are feeling better this week. I've got my eye out in the thrift stores for you.



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