So as you may have gathered from my somewhat-delirious last post, I went to Sydney and it was awesome. My little brother lives there studying Architecture, so we spent two hilarious nights cramped in his cube of a dorm room. AND IT WAS GREAT. 

We had to take the train out to the Anglicare Depot in Summer Hill (105 Carlton Crescent) to score some bargains. Oh, and to hang out with Caitlin Shearer! I was so excited about being on a train I got Will to take a photo for me. But then I remembered I had my 50mm lens on, so this is just a photo of my face. Blogger problems eh. 

This was the second time I'd been to Anglicare, and it did not disappoint any of us. After an hour of picking through these huge bins of clothes, shoes and junk we were all pretty exhausted, and dragged our sacks of stuff into the curated opshop part to have them weighed and priced.

I'd already found a red cotton pinafore. a vintage Australian tourist teatowel (that Caitlin actually found and let me have), a polka-dot tablecloth that will soon become a skirt and a pink cotton gathered skirt, and I thought that was a good haul. However, last time I was in Sydney I found an amazing coat in the kids section of the opshop part, so decided to have another look there. And damn, did I make bank. I found this A M A Z I N G white chiffon 1950s cocktail dress with an embroidered floral overlay. God, it is SO PRETTY. And it was $25. Which is certainly more than I'd usually pay for a thrifted dress, but a lot less than I'd usually pay for a divine fifties frock! It has a couple of small brown marks on the front, but I'm hoping a soak will get these out. It also has an excellent made-in-Melbourne label, and 3 huge layers in the skirt. So I consider it a very, very fruitful trip.

After all this picking we were pretty tired, so headed into Newtown to get some falafel for lunch, browse some more vintage shops (mostly overpriced), and then Caitlin introduced us to the best gelato we've ever had. Proof we actually met/me looking extraordinarily haggard after a loooong day/peanut butter and caramelised fig gelato.

I love this city so much. 

The next day Will and I spent at the Glebe Markets which was fruitless but fun, we had cuddles with this AWESOME cat, and Will showed me the lovely campus where he studies. Then explored the other end of Newtown and had dinner at one of its (literally) 25 Thai restaurants. We were awfully surprised when Caitlin walked into the same restaurant, especially after our discussion the previous day about the ridiculous number of dining options in the suburb. Even more coincidental was when I ran into/was chased down by some German couchsurfers I went to see Beirut with at the beginning of this year in Wellington. Small world.

Now we're in Vietnam, woo.


  1. I am so envious of all of your travelling Georgia! But even more so - meeting Caitlin! What a dream!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  2. Oh wow you met Caitlin! And oh wow that white dress! And oh wow your blue dress as well, I like it very much. And Vietnam... you're very lucky, I've always wanted to go there!

  3. That cocktail dress is amazing and such a bargain. Admittedly, I thought it was a wedding dress when I saw the first picture. If that's your brother's campus I am super jealous because it looks so nice.


      No, god, I'm joking. It is definitely pretty bridal though, my mum is in love with it because it looks a lot like her mum's wedding dress from 1956. She's actually making me leave it in Vietnam so she can wear it to an upcoming ball. I think I might dye it when it comes back to me because I might not be able to get the marks out of the front, and I'm not sure how often I'd really wear a white dress.

      It is, I cannot believe he gets to study there because it is so amazing. There are some hideous 1970s buildings too (like Will's halls) but lots of the campus looks like something out of Harry Potter, and there are bells that play little tunes at random times and really add to that atmosphere haha.

    2. i think it would look even better dyed! either a pastel colour or a really dark crimson red.

  4. Ahh that dress is super dreamy! The picture of you and Caitlin is so cute, too...it's nice having been a fan of her work for a while now to see her popping up eating sweets with one of my best internet gals.

  5. Anglicare sounds a lot like a store in my city (Boston), with the by-the-pound attached to a more curated and thought-out vintage store...and it looks like the stuff it's got is just as cool! Great finds (and looks like generally awesome trip!)

  6. hey I live there!! you should tell me when you're in sydney next time! yes sydney uni is beautiful! I have a friend who also lives on campus! their dorms are tiny!
    it's really cool seeing posts about my city from outsiders who seem so enthused by it, sometimes I'm so busy resenting being stuck in Australia that I forget how beautiful sydney really is!


  7. What a nice time and that dress is divine!

  8. It sounds like a great trip and meeting Caitlin sounds lovely! Shopping with a companion is one of my favorite things to do, especially when they locate things you would have missed hehe x

  9. cool blog!


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  10. oh i totally feel like i missed out not seeing you, next time tell me when you're in town, i could have hung out!!

  11. Your brother looks like a typical architecture student (in a badass way).

    I can only dream of the massive op shops you speak of! They have a few places in Berlin that I didn't take full advantage of when I was there last time... next time!

    Wow, I've admired Caitlin's art for a while, so cool that you got to meet her!

  12. aww, look like you girls had a lovely day! next time you're in sydney we should all meet up! & your white dress is just gorgeous. :)


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