It's 5.20am, and I'm in the airport en route to Vietnam and Cambodia via a two-night stopover to see my brother (and a very exciting blogger friend!) in Sydney. I got 2 hours sleep last night- this morning?- and due to my sleep deprivation I have already exhibited some bizarre behaviour, so I will keep this short. I will probably update while I'm away, but here are two recent posts I have featured in on other blogs...


100 Things Guest Post on Goodnight Little Spoon

Apparently I have to get on a plane now. Bye! See you later, New Zealand!


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  2. lucky you! have an amazing time! :)

  3. Wow Georgia, I love both your posts! I love hearing about thrifting in NZ, such a different culture to here. I'd love to focus more on thrifting on my own blog, you're my inspiration :)


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