Hey guys! Sorry for being so slack lately, uni has been extraordinarily busy and I've had a million essays do. I'll get onto regular posting soon-ish (including a rehash of the Media essay I just wrote on heteronormativity in fashion blogging), but for now let this suffice. Please watch the video and consider making a donation, even if you don't live in New Zealand. The services that these guys are providing to LGBT+ youth are absolutely essential, and they deserve a couple of your dollars for all the amazing work they do. 


(Is the video working? It sometimes does and sometimes doesn't on my browser. If it's not showing up, please check this out, then go to wtf.org.nz.

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  1. The video is working. It may have made me tear up a little because some weeks the heteronormativity seems overwhelming and this has been one of those weeks. This video made me happy though. Your essay on heteronormativity in fashion blogging sounds interesting.


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