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I've been a bad blogger lately. I apologise. I have the same boring excuses: busy with school, extra-curricular activities, social life, travel. I've bought so many beautiful things that I haven't shown the world yet! My goldenponies t-bar flats arrived in the mail a month or so ago and they are like, the nicest shoes I've ever had. They are really really nice. And they look cute with everything.
Not long after that my Demonia creepers arrived - and they are so awesome, but oh lord the blisters of the first week were the worst of my life. Now they're worn-in and super-comfortable and I have a lot of fun being two inches taller.

In April I went to Bali for 10 days, and it was hot and insane and there were monkeys climbing on me and I loved it. Expect some photographs of my trip soon, it was an amazing place to photograph so I took hundreds!

I have a fair amount of spending money left over from my trip and I was thinking of buying a black 15" Cambridge Satchel. Do any of our followers have one? Is it worth the two hundred NZ dollars?

thrifted faux fur hat and vintage 'juniors' dress, gifted fur coat, retail tights, goldenponies t-bars, Revlon lipstick in berry haute

I wore this to the wonderful winter sale at Two Squirrels Vintage, one of my favourite vintage stores that I'm sure I've mentioned before, owned by the very sweet Vanessa and Warren. I took home beautiful things and saw lovely people, and went home happy.

This dress fits me so well, I love the shape of it and the swiss dots are wonderful!

(the back of this dress is so perfect, I almost want to wear it backwards) 

The pale pastel blue colour and style of this dress gives off a vibe that is hard to describe but so fantastic!

I took this photograph a few hours ago of the beautiful 'super-moon' out in the sky tonight. The photo really does not do it justice, it was breathtaking.


  1. You look adorable and those shoes look perfect. Bali sounds amazing and being busy with school is completely understandable! x

  2. I love the dress on you, it's adorable! The shoes are lovely as well. I've also been wanting one fo those cambridge satchels, I haven't been able to bring myself to get one yet though.

  3. Love your outfit, the fur coat is gorgeous. I looked at a Cambridge satchel myself, and the price is incredible, but they look so nice.
    X Jane

  4. Hey Christie,

    I have the 15" Cambridge Batchel in Navy, this one.. http://www.cambridgesatchel.co.uk/shop/collections/the-batchel
    It's lovely and super sturdy but it doesn't fit a huge amount and it's pretty heavy because the leather is so thick. I can fit a few books, a cardi, an apple and maybe a drink bottle if I squish. Also the buckles are a tad annoying to do up.. but in saying all of that I love it and I will be using it for years.
    I hope all is well in Christchurch!

    Portia :) x

  5. I think they're a bit expensive, I did want one, they do some great colours. I think The Leather Satchel Co are a bit cheaper and look exactly the same. I'm in love with your hair, it's gorgeous! And those shoes! I've got new shoe blister blues right now

  6. i have the red batchel and i love it! i defiantly think it was worth the money

  7. That is too many beautiful dresses. Jealous! :D

  8. the pale blue dress and the moon! darling.

  9. The dress you're wearing is stunning and fits you perfectly!

  10. You DID score well! I can see you rocking these little sweeties!
    You looked so adorable,by the way,in your Dr Zhivago hat!
    $200 for a bag?! You got more money than me,sweets.Go hard.

  11. I'm in love with the turquoise dress <3

  12. Oh Yay the squirrels are happy you found such lovely treasure.
    They have a good home!!!
    Thank you sweet.
    Love v

  13. this outfit is the sweetest!!!!

    personally, i'm not a big fan of cambridge satchels, i don't think they're worth the money and apparently the strap is v uncomfortable and heavy (not to mention flimsy looking)

  14. Your finds are amazing,
    I love the maxi baby blue dress and the black one!!
    Your fur coat and hat are lovely too, I really can't stop saying nice things because I really like everything in this post!

  15. That dress is lovely, I need to get some golden ponies shoes, I am just worried about the sizing. I have a Cambridge satchel, I've had it for about two years and I love it. It was a gift so I can't really comment on cost/value. I haven't had any real problem with it, although it is larger then I thought it would be.

  16. I absolutely love this outfit! The dress is just so pretty and I love the coat, tights and shoes with it. Your hair also looks super cute. x

  17. i love your outfit!!.. and that black dress with dots is beautiful!!
    Great blog and style <3



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