Today Christie, Margot and I had our little garage sale, although more time was spent playing with Margot's amazing nameless cat than worrying about making sales. We did manage to move some stock and pull in some cash, although I did leave with a pretty good haul- including a perfect 1950s swimsuit and the 1940s sailor collar I'm wearing above, which were sitting around in the costume box. I'm so glad I could rescue them, although it does go slightly against my downsizing mantra. Thank you to everyone who attended, and no thank you to most of the 92 people who pushed 'attending' on Facebook but couldn't drag themselves out of bed for some vintage bargains! Joke's on you, fellas.


  1. Oh sweet I am so in love with Mr pussy cat, his sign made me smile. Sorry I so wanted to come to your sale, time was not on our side with the nest. Sending happiness to you V

  2. Eee what a gorgeous kitty :) Lovely pics, I wish there were more garage sales in the UK! xx

  3. Ohh, it looks wonderful - though sadly I wasn't in Christchurch to see it! I would've jumped at the chance to buy any of your beautiful clothing <3 Oh, and I love love love the flowers in your hair, and your sailor collar is oh-so gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. It was heaps of fun!
    Georgia, i'm currently wearing your beautiful flower print 'skort' (I love saying that word) on this beautiful spring day :D
    Thanks a lot for the many things I purchased :)

  5. haha i love the frankie mags being on sale, looks like it was a really lovely day!! xxx


  6. glad your garage sale went well! it looks like it would have been a really fun day regardless of how many people came along. :)

  7. Oh the glory of crayons and old Frankie issues.

  8. Aaaand the Elmer box. Everyone's favourite patchwork Elephant.

  9. These photos are so beautiful and your cat is toooo cute! It looks like a perfect day! Hey thanx for dropping by our blog and commenting!

    Fang Ting

  10. I wish I could have been there!!!
    I can see glimpses of treasures I would have snatched up.
    not for sale sign on the cat made my laugh out loud (i hate that I just said laugh out loud). You get the point!

    p.s. can I have your hair please?

  11. Oh Georgia these pictures are simply divine, I want a slice of that summers day, even for a a couple of hours right now. What sort of camera do you use again? Did you sell many of your beautiful things?


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