Every now and then I take outfit photos that just don't turn out that well. Sometimes it's the lighting, sometimes it's the scenery, sometimes it's my ridiculous poses, and sometimes my outfit just makes me look like a pregnant middle-aged woman from the 90s (my curse). I thought I'd put a few of them in a little post together, as I'm a bit busy with studying and working and being excited to do much in the way of proper blogging at the moment.

(Wearing a vintage dress from Etsy, belt from Margot, and shoes off Trademe.)

(Wearing a 1940s dress from Two Squirrels Vintage, 1950s cape from Emporium Vintage, misc tights and Goldenponies brogues)

(Wearing a misc long-sleeved tee, Ruby Boutique skirt, thrifted polka-dot scarf, tights from Chinatown in Sydney, and shoes off Trademe)

(Wearing a dress and belt from Two Squirrels Vintage, misc tights, costume cupboard satchel and shoes off Trademe)


  1. I don't know what you're talking about! Very top one and very bottom ones are totes cute!

  2. Love the seaside shot.


  3. I think all of these look great. I love that shirtwaist dress in the top photo and the cape. Good luck with your exams. Maybe you, Helga and I could go op shopping after they finish?

  4. Oh sweet you look so very pretty in the wee apricot flower dress, I am so pleased it is your treasure. Lovely. Hope the exams go well! v

  5. I know how you feel ! It happens to everyone, but you look SO cute in all of these !!!! Great style x

  6. How are these outtakes?! You look so gorgeous, Georgia! <3 I especially love the first shot!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. Even your outtakes are darling! Following :)

    <3 Cambria

  8. Gimme that pink skirt! These photos are super lovely :D

  9. these are all so cute i don't know what you're talking about. love the last two especially. :-)


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