29 days

(Wearing thrifted peter pan collar blouse, Dotti trousers, t-bars off Trademe, hair ribbon from my work)

So... I'm wearing pants. I don't know if there's anything else to say.

Oh, no, I do need to add something! The garage sale we're having is now on the 30th of October! We moved it to avoid Labour Weekend. I do hope some of you will come along, I have a ridiculous number of garments to be sold and I'd love to do business with some of you.


  1. That blouse is great. <3 Peter Pan collars.
    Lovely outfit.


  2. I need to do laundry so I can wear pants more often. haha

  3. I love the blouse and it looks great paired with the pants. I always feel weird wearing trousers because I hardly ever do. I think it's because it seems so much effort to find a top that goes with them. Dresses are just easier.

  4. omg, pants.
    but still, really cute!


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