Crowns Clothing shoot!

On Thursday evening I flew to Wellington, courtesy of Morgan from Crowns Clothing, to style the photoshoot for her Spring/Summer range! It was so much fun- Morgan and I are total kindred spirits, and stayed up until the wee hours giggling hysterically and doing last-minute sewing jobs. Needless to say we were very tired for the shoot on Friday, but it was still seriously fun.

(The drive to pick up our model, Daisy, was so beautiful.)

(The shoot location was a beautiful, sprawling villa built in the late 1800s, full of nautical trimmings. It had the perfect vibe for the shoot, and was lots of fun to explore!)

(It was COLD. Morgan tried to keep poor Daisy warm- modelling a summer range in July can't be that much fun.)

(These capes are beautiful and warm though, and we all refused to take them off at varying points in the day. You can get one of your own at Foxes!)

(Louise's 'human tripod'.)

(I was somehow duped into doing hair too, as I was the only one there who knows how to do a fishtail braid.)

Us all together! L-R we have Louise Hatton (photographer), Daisy Lockhart from Red11 (model), Georgia Rose Munn (me! styling and hair), Grace Howarth (makeup), and Morgan of Crowns Clothing.

Crowns have some very exciting things coming up in the future, including but not limited to the release of this lookbook, so keep a look out for updates here or at Morgan's blog.

Oh, P.S.

It's snowing. There goes my plans for the day! Goodbye university, hello Mad Men Season 2.

P.P.S. The sweet Jessie of Strawberry Moth did a little interview with me! You can read my answers here.


  1. I just read your interview on Strawberry Moth, you have the sweetest little blog going on here, I love all the pretty dresses! :) x

  2. you were in wellington and didn't tell me!!! :(

  3. I love those capes. They are so cosy looking. The house where the shoot was looks amazing too.

  4. This looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see the finished photo shoot!

  5. Ah, so cute! Wish I coulda been there!

  6. Tricia- we wished you could have been there too! We're basically the ultimate Tricia and Carly fangirls.


  8. Firstly. How amazing is that house? Dude, that would be so much fun to explore. I love the little snippets I saw.
    Secondly, You do styling? Thats so awesome. I would love to do that one day. You also do a mean french braid I see.
    Thirdly (now I am on a roll with numbering things) I want that cape in my life! Its very similar to a vintage one I was drooling over last winter.
    p.s. that snow looks so dreamy.

  9. Fecking awesome experience,lovely!Yay!
    Just spotted the interview at Strawberry Moth-fantastic!!! She's quite the cutie,actually,I like her blog a lot.You amswered her questions beautifully,and if that doesn't get you noticed big time,then I'm a panda!

  10. oh wow that looks like so much fun! how exciting! :)

  11. morgan's outfit is sweet! so jealous of your little trip!

  12. Wow, looks like such a fascinating place for a photo shoot!


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