Blogger Interview: Jessie of Strawberry Moth

I haven't been reading Strawberry Moth for long, but Jessie has quickly become my go-to source for vintage inspiration when I'm feeling tired of dressing up. Her impeccable styling and seriously enviable wardrobe always remind me of the pleasure that good vintage can give, and her blog goes above and beyond traditional outfit photos into all sorts of amazing tutorials and tidbits. She was sweet enough to agree to a little interview with me!

-What is your best thrifted find ever?
An illustrated fashion plate from the 1890s! These detailed illustrations were used to bring the latest fashion trends to the general public! I nearly cried when I saw it and it now hangs proudly on a wall in my studio!

-How do you get inspired when you feel burned out?
I put on a Billie Holiday record and rifle through my button drawer. There is nothing more inspiring than a drawer full a buttons! I start to get ideas when I look at each and every one, like "oh this would look lovely on a blouse, or a i could put this in a collage" Its so funny how the smallest things bring the biggest ideas!

-If you were given $100 right now, how would it be spent?
That $100 would definitely be stashed away and saved for my upcoming honeymoon. Mr. husband-to-be and I are going to Paris over Christmas! A bottle of Chanel perfume from the city of love is calling my name!

-How did your love of vintage style begin?
I would spend long weekends at my Grandmothers when I was very little. I was always in the attic digging through old trunks filled with fur stoles and lace gloves. I would dress up in whatever I could find and wear it until it was time to go home. My nickname given to me by my Grandparents growing up was Kleine Motte, which is German for Little Moth, because I could always be found fluttering around dark dusty corners. I love the stories vintage items tell, the past lives they've lived, and a piece of history that is touchable and slowing dieing. Vintage clothing brings so many possibilities to creating your own individual style, you can create something uniquely your own.

-Are you on the lookout for anything in particular on vintage hunts lately?
Gosh, I seem to always have a list as long as my arm! Most of the items on my current list are to be used as details for my wedding in October. We are using a lot of vintage bits to create something truly special. Right now I'm trying to find some intricate antique lace to make hairpieces with for all my lovely bridesmaids!

-What advice do you have for other vintage ladies wanting to get into blogging?
Don't be your worst critic, you have a voice and you should be proud to share it! Its easy to get discouraged when looking at bigger more successful blogs who seem to be doing everything you want to. Use those lovely ladies as inspirations, not as intimidations! If you have a question about anything don't hesitate to contact them, don't forget that they love vintage just as much as you do (and vintage lovers are the best kinds of people!) and who knows, you might make a new friend!

Thank you, Jessie! See more of her lovely style at Strawberry Moth, or check out her vintage for sale at Time Traveling Empire.


  1. Great interview - what a gorgeous gal! x

  2. Wow... I'd been to her blog before but really hadn't appreciated how enviable her wardrobe is... I'm heading straight back!

  3. i haven't seen her blog before but i love all her clothes! she seems lovely. :)

  4. lovely interview! she seems such a nice girl!

    jos xx

  5. Lovely website...she has some gorgeous pieces!

  6. i love the grandmothers trunks, in the attic, story. she's so cute in her red hat!



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