le premier jour de l'hiver

Today was a day of coconuts and spray paint.
I went along and participated in a few fun activities set up by Gap Filler, an organisation started up by some cool people after the earthquake to fill the gaps left by demolition.
We were handed spray cans and told to add to the brightly-coloured tangle of messages and pictures covering old pieces of furniture, contribute to the love and supportive words. I felt so badass vandalizing furniture! (although my form of vandalism was a loveheart stenciled everywhere)

We went on to play coconut bowling at a makeshift bowling alley further down the street. A little different and a lot more juicy than normal bowling!

It's a strange feeling, playing games and laughing like normal when across the road, a street of abandoned boutiques and cafes lies fenced off from the public. Today I went back to the place where I was when the earthquake hit and I feel okay about it, that time and place seems a world away now. Everything has changed a lot, it doesn't feel like the same street I walked down. It's the not knowing that bites worst: will I ever get to see my school again? That thrift store? What about the place where I sat holding a new boyfriend's hand? The beautiful chapel that I sang Hallelujah in?

cream velvet dress, dollhouse
lace crop top, thrifted
coat, melbourne markets
It was a lovely sunny day with no hint of gloom. Funny, the first day of winter.

(all photos taken by Frances Martin)


  1. Hi lovely girls - I gave you a shout out on my facebook page for ooh la la vintage xx

  2. It must be strange to return to a place where such a dramatic moment occurred. Sometimes as it is I feel like a place is so loaded; then I go there and the sun is shining and it doesn't hold anywhere near the significance for every other passer-by...

  3. So sad that I didn't make it in the end! (I had a friend whose grandmother died, so was looking after her!) The coconut bowling looks like such fun!


  4. Looks fun! The Gap Fillers are a splendid idea.
    I adore your frock and handbag from your last post,btw.
    I tried to get to The Archive this afternoon, but was in my car (been out doing errands) and couldn't really sort out getting a park and getting to it....gonna try tomorrow. Was looking forward to rummaging through your vintage wares.....:)

  5. Hi, Great post looks like a fab place! Thanks for your comment on my post the other day! x

  6. coconut bowling?! I wanna play too! Sounds way better than traditional bowling :)

  7. the pictures are so fun! i can't get over the coconut bowling! :)
    i gave you an award on my blog..check it out when you get a chance!

  8. Why don't they have things like this in San Francisco!? This looks like such a fun day. I can't say that I have ever played coconut bowling, although I have played lawn bowling which is quite a lot of fun. xx

  9. I'm so happy I found your blog! (Found you on Kennedy Holmes' page!) You are so cute!

    Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

  10. Cute photos ^^


  11. That's wonderful that you are penpals with Kensey Crane! She's so lovely (my flickr friend).


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