Plaid and bows

(Wearing a vintage 1950s dress from Etsy, thrifted beaded 1950s cardigan, 1960s t-bar shoes from Emporium Vintage, and cane handbag from Two Squirrels Vintage)

I bought this gorgeous dress on Etsy for a pittance a couple of weeks ago, and it arrived this morning. I couldn't wait to wear it, but I'll let you in on a secret: I'm wearing it backwards. The buttons and bow are meant to go at the back, but I think they're too cute to be wasted on it! I also can't decide if I want to take it up a couple of inches or leave it at its current length- any thoughts?

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support in my last post. It's really nice to know that the blogging community have your back in times of need! It's funny how accustomed we've all become to having time off work, university, and normal life because of the quakes. This is the third time since September 4th last year that I've found myself in limbo, and it's getting a bit tedious. There's only so much time one can spend sitting around home, studying for exams that may never happen and bracing yourself every time you feel a little tremor. I'm sure other Christchurch bloggers are feeling the same, it's a strange time for all of us.

Oh, I did get a new lens for my camera though. A Canon 50mm f/1.8 at a tiny price, from a family friend whose camera shop in the CBD has been badly damaged. Unfortunately it doesn't fit directly on my camera, which is an Olympus Pen EPL-1, so I have to wait in anticipation for the adaptor to arrive from Hong Kong. Don't you hate waiting for the post? Especially when you know it's something good. I'm just hoping it arrives before I head overseas next week!


  1. Ooh it's lovely, keep it the length it is!

  2. Aah pretty; love the colour and the plaid. And of course your thrifted cardigan (jealous). And that little bag! Gaah, I wish I had more cute little accessories.

    Your trip is coming up soon! I'm sure, given all that's going on, that it will be nice to get away for a bit...

  3. That dress is so pretty! And looks so nice with the cardigan, purse and shoes. You look adorable.
    I'd wear it backwards all the time and also would leave the length as it is, it's perfect.

  4. that's the same 50mm lens that i have and i love it! ps- it's jess (teandoranges from lj) and your dress is adorable! :)

  5. First, best of thoughts to you on the latest quake. Here's to a peaceful, calm earth, especially in your neck of the woods!

    That dress combines two of my favorite things: plaid and a big bow! I love it, and it looks great backwards. The length looks perfect in these photos.

  6. Gorgeous frock, the colours look stunning on you. x

  7. I am swooning for your frock!!!
    I would never have guessed that you are wearing it backwards!!! The length is lovely,if you do take it up,don't go crazy!!!

  8. all the lovely things you find on etsy! all the dresses i like are almost $70! whats that all about? i say keep it the length it is! these colours are purrrfect on you!

  9. You always find the best things on Etsy! I love it that you wore it backwards - the detailing is so cute! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  10. AH HA!!!!!
    thought you could get away could you?
    That's not how it works with THIS internet-savvy young man!

    By the way, sorry I missed your birthday (AND Logan's)
    heh. Shit friend...

  11. Oh Steven, you've thwarted my plan to hide from you on the internet! How could you do this to me?!

    I imagine you're in the quaky city presently? I've texted you but you're a useless person really. Let's make coffee with condensed milk and perhaps go opshopping sometime soon?

  12. Love this color on you!! I also adore your beautiful hair :-)

    strawberry freckleface

  13. I'd take it up, but I never really wear anything below the knee so my opinion is a bit skewed! It looks good backwards, you could wear it the right way in summer but in winter all that detail would just look like mysterious lumps under your cardi!
    Also, I can't believe I didn't hear about the earthquakes. I don't really watch the news but I do read the news online and there are often news updates in ad breaks on tv - but I haven't heard anything! I just checked the sydney morning herald homepage and there's nothing about it, even if I click through to world news.
    I hate how our media picks and chooses which disasters to cover - sometimes they'll send all their reporters and switch to 24-hour coverage, then after a few days we never hear anything about it again, no updates.
    It's like they said 'what, earthquake in NZ? oh, we've already done that story'

  14. oh man--that dress is a beaut'! I love the colors and length. You need to tell me how that lens works out for you--that's the one I have my eye on as well :)

  15. Hi :) just found your blog through afeitar - yay another NZ blogger! I hope you are doing ok after the earthquakes, it's hard to imagine what it's like living there! I'm very jealous of your 50mm lens, I really want to get one too! Hope you can stop by sometime :) take care!



  16. Awh! Cute blog, that dress is gorgeous, I say take it up a little! I've been shortening all my mod dresses into mini-mama wearables recently!



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