Welcome to The Velvettes! Christie and I felt is was time for a change, and spent many weeks suggesting and debating a new blog persona that would suit us to a tee, and we feel we've found it at last! I hope this still shows up on your Google Reader as we were promised it would.

On Saturday I duped Logan into accompanying me to a funfair, run by Gap Filler. It was lovely, all toffee apples and bunting and autumn trees.

I even managed to coax him into the photobooth, where our pictures were taken with no warning in rapid succession. Therefore my emotions are as follows: mid-chat, surprise, panic, and luv ♥.

On the way home we stopped in the park for some photos, then went home to make some home-made Tabasco sauce (which was delicious, by the way) and watch Blade Runner.

(Thrifted 1960s dress, Columbine wooly tights, homemade bow, thrifted Converse shoes and sunglasses from a market in Vietnam)

I found this lovely sparkly 1960s party dress on the returns rack at a thrift store. The returns rack. Like, someone tried on this pleated piece of amazing, with its peach silk lining and mother of pearl buttons up the back, and decided they didn't want to purchase it. There are some things I'll just never understand.


  1. Still so jealous that you got that amazing dress! Also, that photobooth photo is PRICELESS.

  2. looks like a fun day! and that dress, oh my, so pretty.

  3. those are some duds you're wearing!

  4. Done,lovey!
    Love that frock,is it lame?
    Bummed I couldn't make it to the Gap Filler event.Such a cool idea.Did you go to Good Vibrations #1? My friend and fellow band mate Nix organised it;there's #2 on the 29th,and we're playing.

  5. Your new url doesn't seem to be showing up in my google reader but I un-followed and then re-followed so maybe that will work. Someone put that dress back? But it's so pretty. Sparkles, pleats and buttons up the back are all things I love.

  6. This is too adorable! I love the pleating details and the photobooth pictures made me aw <3!

  7. check out my blog and etsy! i put up a spring lookbook for it.

  8. Aww that photobooth pic is so cute, as is the bow in your hair! You are too adorable <3

  9. Well hello miss georgia rose! I love your name ; ) thanks for checking out my blog. but don't cut your hair, you have such lovely long hair, I wish my hair was nice enough to grow long.


    Caitlin Rose

  10. Lovely lovely dress!!! When I saw your comment on my ooh la la facebook page (re: the perfect 60 coat that we both shall mourn) I thought I hadn't seen any posts from the velvet bitchez for awhile and now I see why! Love the new name and the new blog look! Adding your new url to my blog reader now! xxxx

  11. I love that bow in your hair, and let me not even get started on that gorgeous dress! You look so cute.
    You should post the recipe for that homemade tobasco! Sounds delicious.


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