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Every Kiwi is familiar with those wonderful made-in-NZ woolen blankets that riddle our beds and sofas, especially on days as awful as today. They're the kind of thing you never seem to buy, but rather accumulate mysteriously, like bobby pins. I personally have three of them on my bed at the moment, as our quake-damaged house is no longer weatherproof. So I was thrilled to see Morgan of Crowns Clothing has immortalised these blanket-stitched national icons in the most stylish, practical way possible: as duffle capes!

They are available in other colourways, but these Autumnal tones are speaking to me right now. They're available on Foxes, and the rest of the collection is on Etsy.


  1. Shit they are beautiful.

  2. HI! sorry about the delay in the link change (I read your previous comment and then forgot about it, ayayay) it's all properly linked now. In other news, that first cape is a beauty! I wish i lived where it was cold enough to ever need a cape

  3. They're both quite lovely and cozy looking! I especially love the first one:)

  4. Hiyah Georgia, Nat here from the blog A Lesson In Whimsy. That's not creepy at all, I feaking adore you for saying that!!! It means so so much. Thank you!!! And I just read your blog, it is SO AWESOME! You're style is beautiful! And the photos you take! I just clicked follow ^_^ And you study jewellery, ME TOO! I'm in my 2nd year at Hungry Creek Art And Craft School, first year Diploma in Jewellery Design. Anyway just thought I'd reply to your awesome comment you left =)

  5. I love these. I got an email about them and immediately wanted one. Sadly, they are way out of my price range being a poor student and all.

    By the way, I passed an award on to you on my blog.


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