(Wearing a thrifted breton top, thrifted plaid woolen skirt, thrifted woolen beret, school satchel stolen from the costume cupboard, Chinatown shoes and necklace from a music shop.)

Yesterday saw me and my boy visiting his a relative on the other side of the city, and we (well, I) decided to do some thrifting while we were there. New Brighton is a seaside suburb that's not nearly as charming as regular Brighton, but has some wonderful junky second-hand shops to explore. I got this cute breton striped top, and when I saw Kristen's latest blog post, she inspired me to mix it with another print. I'd been waiting for the right opportunity to wear this skirt, as I have a new-found confidence in wearing things below the knee, thanks to all your lovely responses to my previous post.

I also thrifted four woolen berets, including this electric blue one, bringing my collection up to six in total. I'm sure they'll be seeing a lot of light now that Autumn has well and truly set in here. Amongst my other finds was a wonderful embroidered gingham apron, a brimmed felt hat, and a colourglaze Crown Lynn teacup.

For those of you who aren't fellow pottery freaks, Crown Lynn was a New Zealand company that made mostly kitchenware and vases, and had its heyday from the 1940s to the 1970s. It's a wonderful thing to collect, as you can find pieces in thrift shops, your granny's house, or your friend's grubby student flat. The rarer items sell at auction for upwards of $500, but you can still pick up bits and pieces for 50 cents, which is how much my teal teacup was. Unfortunately it was sans saucer, so let me know if you've got one hanging around!

Sadly this is a collection I found on Google, and mine is nowhere near as impressive, but it was still a great find.

P.S. I can play 'Oh When The Saints Go Marching In' on my teeny tiny harmonica necklace! It was a steal too at $5.


  1. You are way too precious for words. I wish I could pull off a beret as well as you can!

  2. Aww, the little harmonica necklace is so cute! I must keep my eye out for one! I love how you've matched your beret to your skirt :) Thanks for reminding me to keep an eye out for berets in op-shops as the weather cools down!

    xx Claire

  3. Love all the teacups! :) I can' believe that some of them sell for that much. So crazy. Then again, there are lots of things sitting around in thrift stores that I can't believe are sitting there. Your beret and striped top are so perfect.

  4. I love this! I can play When The Saints Go Marching in on harmonica, too! Woo!

  5. lovely outfit. i love your necklace with a harmonica on it so cute.


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