Easter weekend

After a mad week of frantic essay-writing, this super-long Easter weekend has treated me very well.

Photos from a jaunt to Akaroa for a disappointing vintage fair with Hannah and Logan, seeing Mammal Airlines play in a garden shed, my latest Crown Lynn acquisition, and this amazing 1960s minidress that I'm wearing on this lovely day. My family have buggered off to Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand, but I'm kinda past my trashing the house phase, so having the house to myself means oven fries for every meal and drinking ginger-lime cider on the couch with my cat Roger. What a dream.


  1. oven fries and ginger-lime cider, yes please!

  2. That tree dress is just amazing! Cute shape and style too, it would look great with go-go boots!

    Thanks for your lovely comment :)

    Xx Claire

  3. that picture of you and logan is so cute!

    fabulous new dress, you must take a photo of your closet sometime, i'd be curious to see how many dresses you have!

  4. Zoe... my closet is embarrassing. At last count I had 93 dresses, but I've probably acquired 10 more since then. I'll take a photo sometime for you, but it will shame me to do so!

  5. Oh my god, what an amazing new dress! Gorgeous post, and thank you so much for your lovely comment :) xx

  6. Those dresses are beautiful, such lovely prints!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. 2 fabulous frocks!
    Shame about the disappointing vintage fair,they can so often be a bit sadarse!
    Zoe has a point,we need to see your "embarrassing" closet! Closets are fabulously exciting to me,and a girl can never have too many frocks!93 is NOT enough!
    O,I see that there is a Stash Rehash coming up next month.I know Brodie'll be into it.


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