A vast array

I wore this to work today, and one of our regular customers, an older gentleman, stopped me and said he'd always admired my vast and impressive array of dresses. How lovely!

I'll admit to having worn this dress once on here before. It's a chronic re-offender in my wardrobe, and one of my absolute favourite thrifted finds ever. I snatched it up the post-apocalyptic week after the giant earthquake hit Christchurch in September. University was cancelled and my favourite thrift stores were still open, so I spent a lot of time sewing and finding gems like these!

Dearest Logan bought me this vintage necklace for our anniversary last week. He picked it out himself, and it really shows that he is attentive regarding my taste because I adore it. I'm one lucky gal.

Wearing a vintage thrifted dress, shoes from Emporium Vintage, vintage necklace from Tete-a-Tete via Logan, and a gifted boater hat.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway! Pre-orders for Tilde Journal have now closed, so this is one of your only chances to get your hands on one of these beautiful pieces of collaborative art.


  1. that dress looks so perfect on you :) and that is quite a lovely necklace! the man has your style down to a t it seems. xoxo

  2. I love your blog, just went through all of the photos and you guys have some really amazing thrifted finds. So nice to find more NZ blogs, especially another one from Christchurch! I hadn't realized that the thrift stores were still open after the earthquake, if I had I would've done the exact same thing as you.

  3. I love your vintage style in this post - the dress, the hat, the shoes, the older gentleman that you have charmed! hehe happy anniversary btw!



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