Just sweet transvestites

Last weekend was Logan's and my anniversary, so we crammed the car full of friends and sung Lawrence Arabia over to Pigeon Bay, near Akaroa.

(Can you tell he's 13 inches taller than me?)

It was a wonderful weekend.

We also attended a birthday party where we had to dress up as one another. I was Steven, who doesn't usually wear scalloped shorts but I don't own any pants so had to improvise.

Oli was me, and looked better in my thrifted velvet dress than I do.

Logan also gave me part of my Christmas present early...

Sobranie Cocktails! All the way from the Ukraine! Please don't be rude or judgmental, I rarely indulge in a cigarette but I have dreamed of these for years. I'm saving them for special occasions.

I also may or may not have bought this dress. What a bits-and-pieces entry! Apologies! It has been a busy week.


  1. So, I'm pretty much in love with your blog, and just read all the way into September. love love love.


    (and I'm followin' on bloglovin' now!)

  2. Oh yeah, and... "FROM TRANSSEXUAL TRANSYLVANIA." I've been fighting an urge to do the time warp on my way to class all week.

  3. sobranie cocktails? that sounds so cool! and i bet after that party steven WISHED he had a pair of scalloped shorts :D

  4. Great dress and happy anniversary!

  5. Sobranies!! Very very jealous. Did a friend bring them back? I need to make Ukrainian friends clearly.

    looked like an awesome weekend, envious of the weather!

  6. Nope, Logan ordered them online for me! I am excited to smoke them co-ordinating with my outfits.

  7. do you know what site he used to get them? i really wanna get my hands on some but there are a lot of dodgy looking sites. do they get taxed on arrival?

  8. I will ask him to confirm! But I know he just googled 'buy sobranie cocktails' or something and used the first one that would actually work (some of them just wouldn't let him order). The minimum was one whole carton which is 10 packs. They didn't get taxed on arrival in NZ but I think it's subject to the laws of wherever you live!


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