Three from the weekend

Dress - vintage, from Two Squirrels Vintage
Shoes - are very old.

Dress - thrifted for $4, one of my favourite finds ever.
Sunglasses - thrifted for $1
Shoes - Emporium Vintage

(I don't know what happened to the lighting in these! Weird.)
Dress - thrifted
Belt- thrifted
Shoes - the same ancient ones from above.

All photos by Logan.


  1. I love the second and third dresses! So cute!

  2. Gorgeous dresses, really feminine and lovely

  3. That first dress is so amazing, I'm obsessed just by looking at it, and your figure is lovely in all of them.

    Love this!
    All Tomorrow’s Parties

  4. beautiful outfits and i love the rustic background in these pictures! I just commented on your 'seriously now' post, I want you to read how much it meant to me :)

  5. Your blog is very very cute. What a sunny life you have! I love that first dress, it is darling!

  6. the blue dress is so cute! look at those little darling pom poms!!


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