Giveaway time!

I'm giving away a copy of Tilde Journal! A collaborative effort by many lovely ladies (and, well, me) Tilde Journal features photographs, writing, and creative efforts that will blow your mind. And you could have an issue for free!

All you have to do is comment here with your email address and what you'd like to see more of/your favourite things to read about at The Velvet Bitchez. Winners will be drawn with a random number generator at midnight EST on the 15th of December.

If you aren't lucky enough to be the winner, you can pre-order your own issue for a pittance here!


  1. hello :)


    I love your outfit posts!! Both your styles are very individual and amaze. :-)

  2. skylar.janzen@gmail.com

    i have to agree with the outfit posts. i'm also a fan of inspiration posts to see a bit more of what you're into

  3. krystale.tm@hotmail.com

    I'd love to see some inspiration posts, images that influence your outfits, etc. :)

  4. morrisxoxo@hotmail.com

    I really want to win!!!

    so hard to say what i want to see more of...your blog is one of my favorites and not just because were bloggah friendz. i come over here for inspiration almost everyday!

  5. id love to have a copy, fingers crossed! my email is: kennedyh213@yahoo.com

    and i always like to see more outfit posts <3

  6. I would love to see more original photo posts! Also, inspiration posts, because your inspiration is so spot on with my inspiration (/selfish)

    hapoom.zzz [at] gmail.com

  7. i'd like more outfit posts! especially of amazing thrift finds (there can never be enough)!

    miss.roli (at) hotmail.com


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