Today, my boyfriend gave me an ultimatum: take his car, and use as much petrol in my car as possible. His boss planned to shout him a full tank as a Christmas present, so he had to get it down as low as possible within the evening to take full advantage of his generosity. Always up for a challenge, especially if it involves free reign to cavort about the city, I willingly accepted.

And so, my brother Will and I went forth to Sumner beach, across the other side of town from us, for a stroll in the muggy and windy evening. It was lovely.

(Wearing a vintage thrifted dress, a thrifted cardigan that was 50 cents, my stolen costume cupboard satchel, shoes from Emporium Vintage, and my usual quartz crystal bracelet)

I picked this 80s-does-the-50s dress up thrifting on the weekend. It was $10 which is a lot more that my average second hand find, but I think it was worth it. My 1960s t-bar shoes were highly inappropriate for rock climbing, but I managed to make it out alive with only minor injuries.

We ended up at the Volcano Cafe for an obscenely large and delicious late-night sundae. I frequently complain about New Zealand, but all it takes is a walk along the beach or a swim in the river at my Logan's to remind me that I am pretty lucky to live here.

Oh, and, the winner of a copy of Tilde Journal is Miss Kennedy Holmes! Thanks to everyone who entered.


  1. I wish I lived in Christchurch. Your optimism and spirit is lovely.

  2. i love how you captured this spontaneous day. New Zealand look so beautiful, as do you!

  3. Amazing dress! I have family that live in Sumner, it's one of my favourite places to go.


  4. Definitely getting myself to New Zealand one of these days! These photos are lovely.

  5. these are just stunning and delicious!

  6. Now I really, really want a sundae!

  7. amazing, inspiring pictures.
    you look gorgeous in that dress:) the color suits the tone of your skin.

  8. Ahh beautiful photos. New Zealand is high on my travel list so hopefully within the next few years i'll make it over there. Also, your t-straps are charming (i think t-straps are my favorite style of footwear, visually speaking at least) and that sundae needs to be in my stomach asap.


  9. you look so wonderful, and it sounds like you had such an amazing time. xxxx

  10. this dress is beautiful and your blog is great!


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