Damn, I love this coat. I love this coat so much. The story of how it and I came to be together begins with a magical dream some months ago, in which I thrifted an emerald-green princess coat with a velvet peter-pan collar. Does anyone else have dreams where they have amazing vintage luck, and wake up disappointed? Or just me? But yes, I dreamed it up, and then I set about on a lengthy quest to find it. I had almost given up, when my final Etsy search for 'green princess coat' came up with this one from Zwzzy Vintage, and it was love at first sight. Just in time for it to be a birthday present to myself too- I'm an April Fools baby. Although it is a liiiittle bit small in the bust, which I'll need to move the buttons to remedy, it is painfully beautiful and I've worn it non-stop since it arrived. The detailing is amazing, and the taffeta lining makes a satisfying swooshing noise when I walk.

I also birthday-treated myself to this embarrassingly-cheap replacement for my 1950s leather school satchel that I carry almost every day. The old one was a costume cupboard steal (literally) from my early years of high school, and it's been a truly faithful friend. It's held many a smuggled bottle of wine, been through many an airport security x-ray, and sat through many a lecture. But the stitching has almost all come undone, and the straps were wearing through and almost falling off. So I upgraded to a younger, sexier model off Trademe, and I hope it will see me through many more adventures. It was about 1/10th of the price of a new Cambridge satchel, plus has bonus vintage karma.

(Smiling like an idiot at the awesome cat just out of sight)

(Wearing 1960s green princess coat from Zwzzy Vintage, Topshop star-print silk dress circa 2007 via eBay, tooth necklace I made myself, amber ring that I never take off that I bought in Crete, t-bars from Emporium Vintage and 1950s school satchel from Trademe.)

Photos by the amazing Kita, who is not only super talented but bought me nemesis cake for my birthday, and in doing so changed my life forever.

This might be my last blog entry for a couple of weeks. I'm leaving on Tuesday for an impromptu-ish trip to Singapore and Vietnam, woohoo!


  1. No wonder you wear this coat non-stop, it's a beauty, meant to be... And the satchel reminds me of one I had a long time ago. May you have many happy adventures together!

  2. That coat is the perfect colour & such a lovely style. I can see why you fell in love with it. Super cool satchel too. Enjoy your trip. Xx

  3. The coat ROCKS!!! Score!
    yes,I ahve amazing vintage dreams frequently,and wake up disappointed!
    Have a fab trip!XXX

  4. I've asked that question to other bloggers and everyone's agreed we all have dreams of amazing vintage finds!

    It's a great coat, I love your shoes too!

  5. Saw this picture on facebook! Love the Topshop dress with the coat, modern meets vintage! And I think that your new satchel has more character than those Cambridge satchels, idk, they look a bit cut-out and stuck together to me x

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment, hope yo get you saddle shoes :) Love the dress! Now following you!
    X Jane

  7. That coat is amazing. I love the colour. Also, it's actually cold enough to be wearing a coat? Jealous. I actually had a vintage dream last night where I was in a warehouse of costumes used in a movie from the 50s and everything was for sale. All I bought was a pair of saddle shoes (of course!) and a brooch. I woke up kinda disappointed in myself that I didn't buy more stuff.

  8. I'm green with envy over that star dress!

  9. Just stumbled upon this blog and I love it...you both have such great eclectic style coupled with brilliant content :) Disappointed I've discovered ye just as you're vacationing but hope you have a ball! PS: Love this outfit and the satchel is gorgeous...the Cambridge ones are everywhere so this makes for a nice unique change :)

  10. that is a beautiful coat! and thank you for your kind words....relationships are tough, especially when they end...and its nice to have support from sweet blog friends! :)

  11. The coat is gorgeous! The satchel's nice as well, I'm looking for a good one myself.
    Have a good trip!

  12. What a gorgeous coat! Also, that bag is basically amazing :)


  13. What a fabulously timeless outfit! The coat is indeed wonderful - I love it when you find something that seems made for you. I'm a big fan of t-bars and it's always good to have a pair of flat ones I find because they still look pretty with dresses but they're more practical for walking and shopping in than heeled t bars!

    Thanks for your lovely comment - I think it's really cool that your mum went to a boarding school but then again I can see why that would put you off! I think they have change a lot to be honest in the UK, I'd be interested to sample life there for a week or so.

  14. wow... that coat is pretty amazing. i love the color!! x

  15. that coat is gorgeous and I love the print of the dress

  16. LOVE the coat!!!


  17. What a gorgeous coat! And such a wonderful colour for the cooler months.
    Sophie x

  18. lovely coat and fantastic dress :)
    I love the colors of that outfit


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