Inspiration: Miss Peggy Lee

Sophistication, glamour, class, style, an amazing voice and fantastic eyebrows - Peggy Lee had it all and more! I am currently in total adoration of her. Her style is fantastic, let alone her incredibly sultry singing voice and classic beauty! I love the beautiful 40's and 50's fashion she wore, especially the beaded dress in the first photo and the adorable circle skirt in the second photo. Her always immaculate blonde curls keep my daydream of being blonde well and truly alive. This woman is truly inspiring.

A video of Peggy performing 'Why Don't You Do Right' in 1950:
(the way she sings is truly worth watching, she is captivating)

I myself love jazz and she is a massive inspiration to me as a singer. If only I looked immaculate and waltzed around in beautiful 1950's gowns all the time like her!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our readers!
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(PS. Peggy could definitely be my Valentine!)


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  1. Great Post! Peggy Lee was a true superstar with a unbelievable voice. The second photo is stunning. x


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