Adieu, adieu

Yo! Let's go back in time for a minute. The day before I left Christchurch, I managed to take some time out from going insane due to packing, and took my bike for one last spin into the central city to see Christie. We wandered around the gardens and caught up on everything we needed to before my departure - mostly just how much I knew I'd miss her. And I still forgot to give her the present I got her in Vietnam last year, despite it being in my satchel the whole time.

(Wearing vintage Horrockses dress from Recycle Vintage, vintage belt off another dress from Emporium Vintage, Datter arrow pendant, 1950s school satchel from the costume cupboard and sparkly Goldenponies oxfords)

I picked up this amazing Horrockses dress for a steal when I was in Wellington to see Beirut the week before I moved there. It was love at first sight- it's made of a beautiful heavy fabric and fits me utterly perfectly. I can't work out what era it's from though- the label is completely different to my other Horrockses dress, it just has the brand name on a dark navy background and no other details. It does have a metal zipper and an in-built petticoat though. Is it a convincing 80s-does-50s, or actual 50s?

(Christie is wearing a children's dress from The $2 Clothing Warehouse, a 60s fluttery blouse from a market, baby necklace from Quick Brown Fox in Melbourne, and the regular Converse and tights.)

As usual, Christie looked ridiculously babin' in this adorable dress from the kids section of a thrift store! I adore the little smocked American flag detailing. I miss this lady, but I know we'll have plenty more time for adventures when she comes to visit me here... ahem.


  1. I love you pretty floral dress it does fit your like a dream and the sparkly shoes must look amazing in the sunshine. Christies dress is super sweet too!

  2. the dresses are beyond stunning! love the glittery shoes too.

  3. Hi, doll!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I am following you right back! I love these photos and I hope we can become good friends! Talk to you soon!

    love, polly :D

  4. I love glittery things, now I want glittery shoes!

  5. lovely dresses, lovely girls, lovely photos

  6. wow, your hair is SO LONG. crazy beautiful love both outfits, i shop the kids section occasionally too! x


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