Cat and mouse

After the earthquake, I drove down to Oamaru with my boyfriend and his family. It's a tiny little quaint town in the South of the South Island. While Logan went off to do some Freemason-y stuff (top secret, of course), I went vintage shopping with his sister, Jessica-Rose.

In a wonderful junky vintage shop, named Retro Funk, I got this mouse-print dress for a pittance. When I spied the fabric peeking out from underneath a big pile of dresses, I knew I had to have whatever it was.

(Wearing a vintage dress from Oamaru, ribbon belt, Lawrence Arabia tote bag and kung-fu flats from Chinatown in Sydney)

My tote is printed with a passage about the Pink and White Terraces, by the band
Lawrence Arabia. Academic, musical and historic all at once!

Wow, you can really see the difference in colour between the tips and roots of my hair in these photos! Considering it's been over three years since I've had a proper haircut, I suppose it makes sense. I am trying so hard to resist chopping off a few inches of it, as waist-length hair can get very annoying. This hairstyle is one of few that I can do now without getting a headache from how heavy it is!

I'm actually in the airport right now, about to fly to Nelson, another small town in the South Island, with my little brother. We're going to stay with our grandparents in a lovely rural setting, for a few days of rest and relaxation and a break from the constant aftershocks fraying everyone's nerves here. Adieu!


  1. lovely outfit, georgia! i especially love the lawrence of arabia tote bag


  2. I'm really very glad to hear that you are okay and safe from the devastation of the earth quake and after shocks. Living in California I know how scary that earthquakes can be.
    Your mouse print dress is unbelievable cute!! I would be so happy to find anything with a print like that on it. What a sweet little shop it must be. Also, your milk maid braids are just precious. Wish my hair could do that!

  3. GEORGIA TODAY I GOT AMAZING NINETIES GOTH PLATFORM BOOTS. Also kind of seventies? From that amazing shop for $15 dollars good condition real leather!

    And by the way, Oamaru isn't really a tiny little town... you must never have been to Otematata, Kurow, Omarama etc. Tiny towns on the way to Wanaka! Otematata is seriously the least habited place I've ever been to, especially in winter. It's a town full of holiday houses, pretty sure there can't be more than 30 permanent residents. It's insane! But it has a library.

  4. Haha yes Logan's mum grew up in Otematata so we've been there lots! It's so cute. I guess Oamaru is only tiny comparative to Christchurch!

    I'm so excited to go to all the second hand shops in Nelson! Bargains ahoy!

  5. Your hair look so cute ! the dress is also very pretty :)


  6. K you're hair? Oh my gosh, it's the cutest! I can't believe how long it is, I am so jealous.
    It makes me so happy to hear a dress form has helped your sewing! Because I just ordered one and was worried that it was a bit of a splurge/pointless buy on my behalf. So I'm glad to know the money was well spent.


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