Long distance winner

My dream 90s goth boots (also fulfilling my Stevie Nicks 70s platform dreams)! $15 from Retro Funk, mentioned in Georgia's previous post.

I have also been in Oamaru since the day after the earthquake hit, hiding out blissfully from aftershocks and broken buildings and spending my money on the amazing cheap secondhand finds here in this little old town filled with elderly folk.
A few of my finds:

my sister calls this 'the Phoebe skirt' - $2 from Vinnies
I Heart NY t-shirt - New York! (surprise surprise)

THESE AMAZING STARS & STRIPES SHORTS were jeans, $6 from Retro Funk
$10 from Retro Funk. I love the bell sleeves!
Stevie vibes floaty 70s top also from Retro Funk. But wait...
+ matching 70s floaty skirt = dress!

Sorry for not-so-great quality, my camera is still in Christchurch, along with those other people who have lost family, friends, homes and jobs. My thoughts are with you all.

I was on Colombo St, one of the main streets, when it hit. I saw the crushed bus in that photo minutes after it happened, and I saw people under bricks, people trapped in shops. I was very very lucky. It was so surreal, like a dream and I was actually unsure whether it was real, like, 'is this really happening, right now?' But I'm okay and my family are okay and my house is okay and I hope it will get better with time.
Stay strong, Christchurch.


  1. You are a goddess Christie! That bell-sleeved floral dress is amazing. Oamaru is awesome, I am so enjoying my NZ travels lately.

  2. what a surreal experience, its crazy you were on colombo street. i'm sorry. i'm glad to hear you and your family are ok.
    p.s. sweet finds in oamaru...love those shorts.

  3. Good haul!
    Those boots are gorgeous!!!! Mum has a pair like them, except they're higher and go over the knee.

  4. I love all of this! And totally feeling those stevie and phoebe vibes! i sort of adore the first pair of boots.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your experience in the earthquake. Stay strong, lady!
    Those boots are incredible!

  6. was sad to hear about christchurch, i have some friends i made travelling who live there.

    on a more positive note, awesome blog and some amazing vintage finds, esp that 70's bell sleeve dress.


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