Canterbury Earthquake

On Tuesday afternoon, the largest natural disaster in New Zealand history hit Christchurch, where Christie and I live. A massive earthquake hit just before 1 in the afternoon, destroying buildings all over the greater Christchurch area, trapping over 400 people. Rescue efforts continue, and the current death toll stands at 76, with 240 people still missing amongst the rubble. The central city is basically flattened, and most of the region is still without power or water. The city may remain in a state of emergency for weeks, and the cost of the cleanup is looking at over $15 billion. Large aftershocks have persisted over the last two days.

Christie and I are both fine, as are our loved ones (and, I'm very glad to hear, the owners of my favourite vintage store). My house is badly damaged, with huge holes everywhere and a significant shift in the foundations, but my family are all fine and together. I cannot believe how lucky I've been- I've got off extremely lightly compared to so many in Christchurch, especially those who were badly affected by the September 4th quake too. Miraculously and unlike the majority of the city, we have power and water, so if you or anyone close to you needs to have a quick shower or charge their phones, please leave me a comment.

If you want to help in any other way, here are some links:
Canterbury Earthquake, for info on essential services and rescue efforts.
Quake Escape, for if you have a spare bed or couch anywhere in NZ to help the many left homeless.
Red Cross Donations, for if you can spare even a few dollars for quake victims.
Person Finder, for if you have info on anybody who is missing.

I'm heading down south to Oamaru for a few days, then might fly up north to Nelson to spend time on the farm, depending on the availability of volunteer work and how long university is closed for. I can't possibly imagine most of Christchurch going back to their day-to-day lives after something like this. My thoughts are with all those still waiting to hear, or who have already got bad news about their friends and family members. xo


  1. It's so horrible to see the images, just devastating. Glad to hear you and your family are safe and I will def be donating!

    Thinking of everyone over there x

  2. Thinking of you Georgia, I'm lucky too with my family getting away unscathed. Hope you manage to escape the stress of it all for a while

    Charlotte <3

  3. i'm so relived that you're ok. i checked your facebook when i heard! i don't know whats happening the world these days, its terrifying. you and yours are in my thoughts x

  4. What a harrowing experience. I am so glad to hear that you and your loved ones are safe. All of my best wishes to you and Christchurch.


  5. I'm so happy you're okay, I thought of you when news broke! Sending thoughts and prayers to Christchurch, from New York.

    <3 Jess

  6. Hello,fellow Christchurch ladies!!
    Pleased to hear you are safe and well.
    It's been a hell of a time, but we live to glam up another day!Hurrah!

  7. I know this was a couple weeks ago but I'm glad to hear you're ok. What a scary experience! I'm sorry to hear about your house. Hopefully insurance will help out on the expenses?
    I hope you and everyone there are staying safe, and things get back to normal soon enough. You guys are in my prayers.


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