Jelly shoe lovin'

Marc Jacobs created this beautiful fusion of velvet, platform and plastic sandal for the Resort '10 collection which I long for ardently...
also, sandals with socks á la Tavi Gevinson:

So when I was thrifting a few days ago and found a pair of sparkly, chunky heeled jelly shoes for $2, I got so many awesome nineties teen glitter vibes from them I fell in love!
Later I discovered Georgia had recently bought a pair of pink chunky heeled jelly shoes for $1 and we decided on a jelly shoe dedication post.

The ways to wear (or never to wear, unless you wish to look like a crazy blind old woman/five-year-old, aka me) plastic jelly sandals:

Cheesy teen witch vibes!

Tights from costume store, the dress was thrifted from St Vincent de Paul, the sparkly heart ring was a gift from my little sister, and the moonstone ring I bought via online auction.

More teen witch vibes:
Black velvet and tie-dye + these shoes = eternal happiness!

The velvet peter pan collar dress was thrifted and the hand-dyed socks were a gift.
Girly schoolgirl nun vibes?
Socks - Farmers, cape - handmade by my grandmother, schoolgirl dress - 0$ from free shop, rosary beads - Vast Interior.
and I won't leave out the seventies vibes!
chiffon kimono top - two dollar clothing warehouse
floral velvet skirt - Wild Pair

Every comment is very much appreciated. I wish you all much love and jelly happiness!


  1. you're the cutest, even in jelly's.

  2. who would have ever thought that velvet+jelly sandals could ever look remotely good and or wearable. Mind=blown.


  3. everything about this post is so so good!! i covet those jelly sandals and tie dye socks! love the teen witch vibe!

  4. those shoes are precious
    i so badly want a pair
    i love how you wear them

    hope to hear from you*!

  5. I love all these stylings of your new jellies! I'm trudging through 20 inches of snow, its so comforting to know in a few months it will be warm enough for shoes like that!

  6. I love jelly shoes! Those Mark Jacobs are amazing... kind of like sweedish Hasbeen clogs. Great blog! :)

  7. fuck!! love those jelly shoes!


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