Happy new year!

This was the best photo of this dress, $30 from Glassons and very very pretty! The wooden rosary necklace was a Christmas gift.
Thrifted floral dress (one of my favourites, it has batwing-y sleeves!), Le Specs sunglasses and wish bracelets from Gipzys.

For new years I travelled down to a little cove just out of Queenstown with my boyfriend's band (most of my friends) and sang with them at an Australian millionaires holiday home. Being the photographer instead of the photographed usually means zero decent photos of what I wore, unfortunately.

I received the best Christmas present ever from my wonderful boyfriend! A t-shirt with Stevie Nicks on it would not qualify as anything less. I'm in love.


  1. Looked like you had a good time! And that t-shirt is awesome!

  2. Sounds like a ball! That purple dress is pure love :) And a stevie nicks shirt is an inspired gift indeed!

  3. so jealous of the stevie nicks tshirt!


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