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My friend Ruby-Rose and I are adventurers of the oddest kind, following funny-sounding street signs and always somehow ending up somewhere beautiful. We have about ten thousand cameras between us, and the results of our journeys are always beautiful. Here are some of my favourites from our 4+ years of adventuring.

I'm sorry for so many miscellaneous photo posts lately! I've been far too busy to take proper outfit photos, so here are some from a rooftop dinner party at my friend Anna's gorgeous flat a few days ago.

Wearing a vintage 60s dress, seamed stockings and no shoes. I was shooting with my Belomo Vilia, my favourite of all my 10 cameras, which was a surprise gift from Logan for my 18th birthday. I took lots more photos, which will be revealed when I get around to getting the films developed! Ever since I got my Olympus DSLR I am struggling to get back into film photography, which is a shame because my digital photos are so crap. I guess I could tack that onto the end of the New Years resolutions!

In other news, I acquired not one, not two, but ten vintage dresses (and a skirt (AND A CAPE!)) over the weekend. All will be revealed later!


  1. Lovely photos. I like your 60s vintage dress, I have been wanting for ages to take a visit to the salvation army for some thrifting, but I haven't got down there yet. Hope I find some treasures when and if I get there.

    Oh, Im also a shy/quiet person, I think thats a large factor contributing to my lack of confidence when posing in photos. It can only get better though, I hope:)

    xx Carina

  2. You take beautiful photos. I love your dress. I'm obsessed with border type prints like that. Can't wait to see the ten(!!!) vintage dresses and skirt and cape.

  3. Those are some beautiful photos, maybe I'll walk in a random direction and see where I end up!

    Charlotte from ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES

  4. These photos are all amazing! You have the most wonderful collection of dresses. Your comment on my blog was so lovely, I hope you don't find it weird that I proceeded to read through all of your blog posts ever! I adore this blog.Also, I don't know if you already know people who live here, or know where they are, but if you'd like a little 'directory' (of sorts) of the more out of the way op-shops and vintage stores in Auckland, I'd be happy to give you one!

  5. great pictures!! i really like the one with the ice-cream and the balloon thing is pretty cool too:)

  6. Wow, number 1 and 7 are stunning! These are all wonderful though, great job!

  7. Aw that's a shame, have a wonderful time anyway! x

  8. Love the picture with the confetti, so adorable! Also, ten vintage dresses, what a haul! Can't wait to see them :)

  9. I love photo heavy posts. You look like you are always having so much fun.

  10. the Forrest photo, i drooled haha.

  11. Wow. Those are beautiful photographs. I especially love the one with all the balloons!

    And your outfit is adorable, shoes or no shoes! :)

    I'll definitely be back. What a lovely blog.

  12. that mish mash of photos was gorgeous! I love the foggy woods one and the confetti--looks like fun times indeed. Also, 10 vintage dresses?! Ahh, I can't wait to see your score!


  13. I want to move down to New Zealand and hang out with you guys, these photos are just magical.


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