Ribbon bows

Yesterday was too hot to really do anything except sit around indoors with the air conditioning on, watching The Simpsons and continuing to plow through my atrociously huge sewing pile. Late in the evening, when it had finally cooled down enough to venture outside, Logan and I took a stroll through my favourite suburb. Ohoka is full of amazing historic houses with impeccable gardens, and there's a great walkway which lets you perv into them with reckless abandon. It was immeasurably lovely.

(Wearing a vintage dress, costume-cupboard satchel and Urban Outfitters shoes.)

This amazing 1950s dress is yet another one from my online action bulk lot. I've been furiously hemming and fixing them all, with still more to go! This one had a charming chocolate stain on the front, but it was nothing a little bow couldn't fix.


  1. love your vintage dress. it's just so adorable!on the other side of the world it's still quite cold...


  2. Such a lovely dress! That's so cool that you shop second hand, too! I let myself shop vintage as well, because technically it belonged to someone before and that's all the matters to me! And I'll have to check out American Apparel tights after your recommendation.

  3. I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR WEATHER. It is snowing here in good old Chicago. Your dress is beautiful, but frankly it makes me sad to look at :)

    Trés Awesome
    Chicago Street Style

  4. I can't get over how picturesque this "suburb" looks. WHAT?! Those are the suburbs where you live?! Geez louise, get me on the first plane to NZ!

    but in other news, that floral dress you are wearing is lovely, I love the collar especially :)


  5. wow! your dress is fantastic, and that walk looks so beautiful! wish i could say the same for Boston weather... haha.

    i so enjoy reading your blog. your photos are great.

  6. Your blog is absolutely lovely, and I am now following your blog.

    I am doing a giveaway, hope you can do the same.

  7. Your floral dress is so beautiful! I love how you fixed the stain with a quick bow, perfect!

  8. The photographs are beautiful, the floral print of the dress in the lush gardens.

    Wish it was sunny here. rain rain rain in san francisco.

  9. look at those backdrops!!! gorgeous, gorgeous dress. i'm so relieved to hear you're safe and well and hope everything is ok with you and yours down there xxx


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