Dandelion fields

This weekend was meant to be a big one. Logan and I had plans to get things done, go places, see people, and other out-of-the-ordinary things. Instead, we did the usual: nothing. On Sunday morning we made pancakes on the barbecue and ate them in the sun, then went for a wander through the fields of dandelions. Why are weeds always so pretty?

I tried on this dress last week on a thrifting adventure with Rachael, where she shouted me these $1 Clubmaster-esque sunglasses (thanks!). I didn't buy it, but it was on my mind all week, so I dragged Logan back to Emporium Vintage Boutique so I could get it! I love the print so much.My belt is thrifted and my shoes are from some little junk shop in Chinatown, in Sydney.

I think I've settled on my camera of choice!

The Olympus Pen E-P1! It's cute and functional and small and a really reasonable price. My mum used to shoot with an original Olympis Trip 35 too. Keepin' it in the family.

Guess I should get 'round to some study now. Whatevz.


  1. Can I also just say that I love how I don't have to do one of those captcha thingys when I comment.

  2. I agree with you about weeds!
    Thanks for your comment, my hair just looks like that because of the style and colour I think...I just wash and blowdry it then pin my fringe back, nothing special.
    I like this blog, also your choice of camera :D

  3. I think your blog is like, Ringo-Have-A-Banana perfect. Also, weeds are natures most perfect mistake. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between them and real flowers. Especially when they grow all purple and pretty :)


  4. Omg. Ringo-Have-A-Banana perfect is undoubtedly the biggest compliment I have ever received! Thank you so much! I am such a huge fan of yours too!



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